Now there is easy access to procuring contact lenses you can now click and order them online and they will be delivered to you in no time. The kinds and variety of choosing the colors as well as the discounts and rates will make the buyers go head over heels to procure them and try them on for making a splash in town. There are the really funky ones such as the cat eyes to the lizard eyes that are making the waves in parties. Now people have accepted the latest trend of people wearing wacky and funky lenses to-dos. Now you can procure cheap colored contacts .

Be careful

cheap colored contacts

There decorative lenses to choose from, but you will have to be careful that it fits the wearer well, as ill-fitting ones really damage the eyes and give you a lot of pain in the whole process. These lenses can be contaminated at the slightest touch and they can cause abrasions that will ruin your eyesight if left not treated. It can cause irritation and itching and rubbing your eyes when contacts are on, is bad for your eyes. The doctors prescribe medication for this and sometimes eye drops do the trick.

If the lenses are on the yes for a longer period of time than stated especially the decorative kind, they sure are going to cause your eye issues. Hence the wearer has to take precautions and make a lot of considerations when wearing contacts. If you are going for a pool party wearing contacts wouldn’t be a great idea, or if you are on a camping trip or trekking or hiking trips, the use of colored or decorative contacts should be avoided. These contacts are to be used for limited periods of time and then disposed of.

How contacts are chosen and aftercare

It has to be noted that most lenses that are available in the market are the disposable kind and they are to be used only once. Before any kind of lenses consulting your eye doctor will go a long way to keeping your eyesight healthy. The size is determined by

  • Base curve
  • The diameter of the pupil

This helps to make the lenses or order them and even when you are getting customized ones made for yourself. If there are prescribed lenses colored lenses with you, they probably can be worn for a month. But the cleaning routine should be meticulous along with the stored procedure which includes

  • They should be cleaned every night when you take them off
  • Store them in a clean solution.

For those wearing disposable ones need not follow the procedure, except taking them off night and not going off to sleep with them.

  • Before wearing washing your hands thoroughly
  • Cleaning the colored lens with the prescribed solution.
  • Storing them in the contact case with fresh solution.
  • These lenses shouldn’t be used more than the suggested period of time.

It should be noted that there is no one size fits all. When goes on to buy colored contacts, please do research on which are the genuine ones and check to see if you are a suitable candidate for contacts or not and then venture of wearing them.