The new rules in the legislative sphere directly affect the difficulty of obtaining a driver’s license. They are set out in the relevant regulations. Their content governs the rules of owning a car, the legal relations of road users and the rules for issuing documents. You can make use of the DMV driver, s license now.

To possess information, you should familiarize yourself with the following laws:

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the Procedure for Issuing Driving License: This document describes the current categories of driver’s license in USA. The interpretation is indicated in recent changes.

The law of USA on road users: Based on the name, this act describes the rights and obligations of drivers, as well as the institutions responsible for their training. Additionally, it regulates the rules for the organization of road services that regulate traffic.

DMV driver, s license

According to the latest data, the driver’s license category has undergone minor changes. New provisions were added, some obsolete were canceled. Therefore, before starting training, you should familiarize yourself with the current driver categories that currently exist. In this case, it is necessary to take into account changes in the above laws and regulations.

Decryption of categories of driver’s license

You must first select the type of vehicle. Since the learning process is quite long, it is recommended to determine in advance the necessary categories and familiarize themselves with their designation. In the future, to open a new one, it will be necessary to upgrade qualifications, which will take time and require additional cash investments.

Driving license categories in USA 2018

To determine the optimal list, you should know which categories of driver’s licenses in USA are currently valid. Below is their description and interpretation:

A1. It includes two- and three-wheeled vehicles, the working volume of the power plant, which does not exceed 50 cm³. Another indicator is the engine power – not more than 4 kW.

  1. Permits driving motorcycles, including those with a side trailer, as well as similar two-wheeled vehicles with an engine capacity of 50 cm³ or more and a power of 4 kW or more.

IN 1. It is applicable for ATVs and tricycles, the mass of which does not exceed 400 kg.

  1. The most common category to which the vast majority of cars belong. The main conditions are weight up to 3500 kg and the number of seats for passengers except for the driver no more than eight.

C1. It is necessary for driving trucks, the weight of which varies from 3500 to 7500 kg.

  1. It opens to control trucks weighing more than 7500 kg.

D1. The category is assigned after training for bus drivers, the number of passenger seats in which is no more than 16.

  1. Similar to the above, except for the number of passenger seats on the bus. Their number may be more than 16.
  2. Allows you to manage trams.

If the total mass of the trailer with the load is less than 750 kg, the opening of a separate category is not required. But if this indicator is exceeded, and the corresponding permission is not obtained, the traffic police have the right to write a fine or put the vehicle in the parking lot of their department.

Changes to the law “On the procedure for issuing a driver’s license”

Adjustment of a legal act regulating the rules for obtaining a driver’s license often entails the emergence of conflict situations between the driver and the representative of the State traffic inspectorate. In order to avoid such incidents, in addition to the main text of the document, it is recommended to study the current additions and changes.