In some hotels, apartments, gardens, and in-park areas, we can see the plants that grow inside the glass bottle or a box with sand under it. They are used to decorate the reception.

It should be maintained daily. Only the slow-growing plants are kept inside the terrarium. If the container is not sealed, some add charcoal to clean the water and gives the fresh air for the plant’s respiration.

Why are the terrarium plants always closed?

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The terrarium can be closed or opened. The closed terrarium will create a better environment for plant growth. Only some plants which love sunlight are kept in an open Terrarium Workshop Singapore . The plants kept open do not consist of a moist environment. The opened terrarium should be watered daily. The soil should always be slightly wet. If the soil dries, the plant will not get sufficient energy. There are many Terrarium Workshop, and we can buy some terrarium for the cost.

Some of the plants like mosses, air plants, and fens are always kept in a closed terrarium. The water circulation is appropriately done in a closed terrarium. It should be cleaned once in a week; otherwise, the moisture content and some algae formation will slightly increase inside the terrarium, and it disturbs the plant growth. To avoid some microbial damage issues for the plants, it is kept inside the glass bottle.

The plants kept inside the bottle will not get new air; itself will recycle the air is constant. Some plants will produce air components of their own like that do not need any air holes in it. To maintain the terrarium, some bugs are added. Mostly added bugs are isopods, springtails.

Why are some plants kept open?

In a closed terrarium, the plants will receive only less sunlight. But when it is opened, the fall of sunrise will be direct to the plant so that it can get more photosynthesis.

Can we make our terrarium?

Yes, to make your terrarium at home first, you should choose a glass bottle. The bottle should be covered at the bottom of it. And add some activated charcoal in it. Fill the bottom of the bottle with soil. And finally, add some small plants to make it more attractive.

With more maintenance, some herbs can also be planted inside the terrarium. A bare root is an easy way to make a terrarium. It requires only less space, and you can get fruits within six weeks. Cactus plants are more famous for terrarium planting. It looks so beautiful when it is inside the glass bottle. If you planted cactus, it is enough to feed water every 3 to 6 weeks. When you poke the cactus if it so hard, it should be watered. It should be kept where the direct sunlight falls on it. It is a kind of desert plant, so it needs more sunlight to live. And it should be kept away from the cool places. The room temperature should always be maintained at above 50 degrees and below 60 degrees. For the first seven days, the plants should be maintained properly.