A timesheet describes the actual activity of an employee over a given period. It allows this collaborator to divide his time spent between different businesses and tasks to which he has been assigned by the project managers. With the Free timetracker app you can now have the best solutions present.

Free timetracker app

In a project, the monitoring and analysis of times is generally a key phase. She permits:

  • Improve the organization of teams
  • Evaluate return on investment and areas of optimization
  • Bill projects appropriately

However, these “time” data are often incomplete and therefore unreliable. Therefore, it is essential to invest in time management software.

Time management: what is time management software?

Time management software allows each employee to enter their times regularly and correctly. It also assigns them to tasks and projects.

  • Optimized and configured according to the constraints and operation of the company,
  • Reliable to minimize the risk of errors,
  • Easy to use so that input is user-friendly for employees

The possible characteristics:

  • Enter in hours or days
  • Enter weekly or monthly
  • Enter in detailed or cumulative
  • Verification of timesheet entry
  • Validation stages: timesheet control process

Time tracking software: how to set it up?

Before choosing the software, you must list all the tasks that make up a project. The relevance of this task list is essential to ensure effective and useful time tracking. We advise you to bring together the collaborators so that they give their feedback on this list, improve it and validate it. The purpose of this exchange is also to ensure the support of employees in the time management process.

Time tracking is a collaborative process and can be felt as excessive surveillance by employees. It is therefore crucial that a pilot group of employees is involved in the choice and implementation of the tool so that they understand the interest in their daily work.

Time management software: efficient organization

Time management software allows the project manager to indicate at the start of the project, all the planned tasks, as well as the times associated with these tasks. The collaborators will indicate the times spent progressively. Thus the project manager can at any time verify compliance with the estimated times or not. A color code is used to identify whether the task entered is equal to, is below, or is above the schedule.

It is possible to transmit his information to your client. He will thus know the exact detail of the time spent on each of the tasks performed. During his project points, the project manager can quickly adjust the project planning and the coordination of tasks. The organization of the teams is thus improved. Do you have a question, remark or want to know how to improve your time tracking? Contact us we will accompany you.

Time management software: Main features

Time management software allows you to efficiently manage the resources involved in a project:

  • Fully configurable timesheets (frequency, hourly rate, checks, etc.)
  • Management of salary costs and working hours
  • Management of leave, illness, RTT with validation circuit
  • Expense reports (including VAT management, re-invoicing, deposit, lettering, fee packages, etc.)
  • Configurable validation circuits (project managers, managers, managers, etc.)
  • Off-line entry in Excel with subsequent synchronization
  • Mobile applications for entering times, absences and charges on Smartphone

Advantages of our time management software

  • Avoid double entries (automatic inclusion of absences in the schedule)
  • Facilitate controls and validations
  • Follow the rest to do
  • Facilitate the mobility of your employees

Why choose time management software?

  • Choose software adapted to your needs, efficient and proven
  • Benefit from the experience built over 25 years of the leader in management software for service providers
  • Join our 3,700 service company customers in France
  • Be accompanied throughout the process by competent and available staff.