The microelement flooring means that the micro toppings made of cement material, which can be used for both indoors and outdoors to provide the clean canvas for the decorative treatments such as like textures, stain, stenciled patterns and dyes. With the virtually unlimited design patterns, options and the quick installation time the micro cement floors can turn any dull flooring space into a beautiful and vibrant designed area. The micro-cement floors are specifically designed to be overlaid on the top of the existing floor when you do in this way it prevents the need to rip out of the existing floor and also avoid the wastage of valuable money and time and for more details you can prefer .

There is a wide range of micro cement floorings are available in the market, but the calcrete micro cement flooring was designed specifically for in-house by their professional applicators and this offers superior performance in multiple areas. The calcrete micro cement company designs two products namely micro floor and micro wall where these two products hold the following features. They are.

  • Ease to use
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Holds superb flexibility
  • Enhanced crack
  • Shrinkage resistance

Most of the people wish to have the micro cement flooring for their home where this is because the micro cement flooring will dry quickly. Moreover it reduce the water requirement and gives a beautiful and professional look to your floor.  The microelement  or micro concrete has been used for numerous application purpose both commercial and residential area, it specifically used for the items such as shelves and kitchen surfaces that provides the contemporary, durable and seamless finish. IF you are interested in building your house floor in the micro cement then just visit the where you can get more information about the micro cement flooring and additional details like cost, usage and its benefits.

Advantages of microelement

The microelement has numerous ranges of advantages over the conventional concrete and following are some of the advantages of using the micro cement flooring. As a first thing, the micro cement works for the new or existing floors seamlessly and it is of everlasting one, in which this micro cement takes only a few days for installation. Comparing to the conventional concrete floor the micro cement flooring is cost effective where it reduces the time spent on breaking the old floor at the same time it also saves money. There is a wide range of options are there to choose when it comes off the microcement flooring such as like textures, designs, patterns, colors and want to know more about this process, then you can visit

When you are installing the microcement then you no need to maintain often where with a sealer coating the microcement flooring lasts years with the minimal need of the periodic maintenance. In general, the micro cement flooring are made of using materials that are tested at high pressure so these floorings can withstand the heaviest traffic and it does not break easily as like the conventional flooring. The microelement flooring has high durability feature so it can be easily applied to surfaces both internally and externally without taking much effort or time.