In any of the business sectors, it is very important to take a look at teamwork management. Because the business with teamwork succeeds and then the product development will grow more than the actual working of the individuals. So the virtual teamwork is important for the development of the product. A virtual team is nothing but various individuals who have been associated with being a team and make collaboration with the person from various geographical situations. A great success of a virtual team depends upon the trust and then better communication over the team, not with the faith of an individual. In the process of Virtual Team Building Games Singapore one can make out with better specific learning. The term virtual team management focuses on the management and then collaboration which can be made with the project with the team activity. That is in a common project, there are various group of people tends to have participated that would be based on the development of objectives and then with the shared goals. Through the technologies of IT and software, their people can develop the virtual work environment and it might have proceeded. The process of managing the telecommunication which has been based on teamwork is known to be virtual team management.

Various types of teamwork: There are six types of virtual teams that have been considered to be most common in teamwork. The most common type of virtual teamwork is, Parallel team, Networked team Work, functional or production team Project development team Offshore ISD teams Service team

Parallel teams: The highly task-oriented team is known to be the parallel team which has been comprised of the specialized professions. In parallel teamwork, it has been consisting of only short periods of span not like the networked team. Those team members are not being disintegrated after the task has been completed. The parallel team might be considered to be the external or is the internal part of the company.

Networked teams: The networked teams are not based on the same organization but they are from different geographically distributed sectors. The team has been easily created and then can be easily solved. In the networked team, there are expertise personalities are formed to create a team and they were mostly from the different organizations.

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Work, functional, or production team: The person belongs to these sectors is working only within the specific area of the particular organization. For an illustration the area might be research, organization,   financial, and training, and so on. The team has been continuing with the regular performance virtually operating from various locations.

Project development team: The project development team has been similar to a parallel team that is distributed geographically, and then the person who is in the project team has been working from the different zones. The team of project development focuses only on generating the new projects, organizational process, and then with the information systems which have been for the user or the customers of the company.

Offshore ISD team: The independent service team is known to be the offshore ISD team which has been considered to be the subcontracted portion over the company.

Service teams: For the support of the customer, data maintenance, and then the network up-gradation is considered to be the work that has been assigned to the service teams who can work from different time zones.