The candle is made some chemical components which are not hazardous for human and it does not be more effective when using itCandle Workshop is trained for the students as in the aspect of activity manner and these are the workshops that are famous in India and another foreign country such as Singapore. These are the candles very different from domestic use. Because these candles are low in quality and them not suitable for making the decorations, candles which are used for domestic purposed are not easily able to make the decoration and these domestic use candles this usage is in a short time and then it is used once in a time and it gets down in the short time.

Candle Workshop

Use and ways of using Candles on the occasions:

  • Candles are used by the people for their domestic purposes.
  • Candles and used by the people in their homes when there is a power cut and these candles do not be for a long time instead of this its usage time is also a short period.
  • Candles’ decorations were highly done or takes place in foreign countries.
  • In our country, most of the people were also like these types of decorations but the decorating cost is more expensive maybe so they try to avoid such things.
  • These candles making decorations were specially made in the night time only but it is also rare that the decorations were done by the candles.
  • Foreign people only like these types of decorations and they also give much more preference to this type of decorations and workshop when compare to our country.
  • Reason for those people who like these decorations because they were foreigners and they spent more money on their family or another type of occasion and they were well rich personalities.
  • In India more of them were Hindus so they don’t give much more importance for the candle decorations.
  • The people who are in foreign countries where they belong to Christians so they give more importance to the candlelight and they were more eager in doing the workshops which are based on the candle.
  • Candles were done by the more shapes and these were done by the more personalities in the different ways of thinking and by their new ideas.
  • So, they give more workshops for the students who were in foreign countries and they give much more important in this type of activity and workshop.
  • Candle making workshop which creates the more eager and it motivates the persons or a student and to prove their ability and skills to improve their creative ideas.
  • The workshops are more special for the students and it creates the expectations of the students and it creates them to pay their full attention to attending the workshop.

These are the usage of candles is highly used in the slum areas because they do not have the facilities of light and current power sources instead of this, they use the candlelight for their daily purposes or at that required time.