A small business owner does not need to know all types of outdoor advertising to make one single sign, but there is a need to order this one unique one so as not to remodel it because of some negligent designer or employee of an advertising agency who knows as much about outdoor advertising how much about the specifics of the opening business. You might think that the designer does not know something, but very often the matter lies in the difference in the approaches of the client and the designer to the same issue. To adequately address the current situation, the company very often has an employee who is competent in these matters and knows all types of outdoor advertising and the specifics of each advertising product, but, in most situations, he does not directly contact the client, at least not on the stage of deciding on the visual form of the custom metal signs .

The Designer

custom metal signs

A designer or manager or both of them think in terms of categories from the point of view of production, while the client thinks that an outdoor sign is just another expense item that is not known whether to pay off at all. So they talk about red-green and about what they are better than sweet and sour. You cannot find an employee who can bring clarity and understanding and set up a conversation in a constructive manner during the day with fire for this purpose, on behalf of the company, we want to give some recommendations and consider in detail the types of outdoor advertising, their strengths and weaknesses and performance features.

  • Most of all, the customer’s site needs these recommendations because, in the case of an incorrectly chosen concept and an improperly thought out sign, the affected party will, of course, be the client. A large advertising agency has already been taught by negligent employees and will write down all the smallest details in a contract agreement in order to insure against all kinds of troubles, and the fact that the sign does not work does not fulfill its main function of attracting a client is the customer’s problem. According to the statistics of our company, all outdoor advertising is made according to this principle and the question is the types of outdoor advertising and their functional features, about a sign as a working tool, arises from the customer no earlier than the third-order the third outlet we mean.

By this moment, the client usually begins to understand the main points and considers outdoor advertising as a set of necessary measures to attract customers and can correctly set the task for the designer and choose the most suitable type or types of outdoor advertising in the complex and its execution option to win the battle for attractiveness from their competitors.

Types of outdoor advertising and competitor analysis

Competitors are neighbors in the trading platform and competitors in visually attracting the flow of visitors to the enterprise or outlet. Moreover, competitors should be considered in a fairly broad sense of the phrase:

  • retail a quarter or two, in extreme cases up to five minutes without leaving the main highway
  • cigarette or beer kiosk near the nearest couple of yards
  • freestanding supermarket within 15-20 minutes by private transport
  • furniture store within the microdistrict
  • that is, you need to consider not geometric dimensions and distances, but the approximate territory, so to speak, on which your potential buyers live.

Firstly, do not be shy to ask questions more and more often

Secondly, do not be too lazy to spend time exploring the neighboring signs, see how they look in the daytime and how they are visible in the dark, take a walk around the area around the outlet, look through the eyes of a pedestrian, drive around slowly, paying attention to your room. Invite the designer to the place and make such a voyage with him.