The life of immigrants is hard. They lose their home country, they lose their identity, they come in search of a place to live, a job to feed them and a life to live. But most of the time, immigrants are looked upon. They are illtreated. The natives behave so badly with them. Immigrants are not allowed to be free or talk free. They are tortured emotionally and physically. Immigrants express these in the form of Immigrant poetry .

In a white populated school, if a block or brown kid studies then they are being subjected to bullying based on skin color. People label immigrants as poor and dirt. This brings so much emotional trauma to the kid that is studying there. They grow up believing that they are dirt or they are worse than that.

The one thing that pain does is, change people into artists. Pain is so hard to be dealt with alone so it is shared in the form of an artwork. This artwork would be in the form of poems predominantly. People write poems about their life and the pain they are dealing with day to day by being an immigrant.

Immigrants are no fewer humans. They have just changed their place of survival. It is not fair to point out someone as miserable and treat them bad only because they are an immigrant. People never think twice before throwing some harsh words against the people.

Many immigrants change countries because of war. They leave their land, mother, father, their kith and kin to save themselves and their family. The most heart-melting immigrant poem was written by “things we carry on the sea” by Wang Ping. He beautifully explains how hard it is to leave his belongings, his mother, father, and move to some other country. He also has explained that he is carrying a handful of the soil of his motherland with him so that he can always feel his home.  He says that he carries all the little memories of his life lived in his motherland with him. He says that nothing can tear apart his motherland from him for he always carries it in his heart.

The other most daring poem about the immigrants is “citizenship” by Javier Zamora. He has captured how the hungry immigrants leave everything behind and move away from the place they were born and brought up just to make a living in some other corner of the country. He portrays that most immigrants don’t even know why they are migrating, but they have to migrate obeying the rules of the officers who considered themselves as superior in power.

Immigrant poetry

The life of immigrants should be lived and felt to write poems and stories about it. Poems are not just an art to be admired. They are the blood and sweat of many immigrants. They are the emotional trauma and panic of all new immigrants. They are the lost path and little hope of them. Poems are not just words, they are lives of the soul who cried all the way.