A crystal rectifier by itself, while not optics, emits lightweight altogether directions. can|that will} sound sort of a favourable property as a result of it means that Associate in Nursing crystal rectifier will remove darkness from a good beam. However, the matter for NDT scrutiny with this kind of crystal rectifier is that you simply don’t get a lot of intensity at anybody’s spot. That’s acceptable for background illumination, except for scrutiny you wish to satisfy minimum intensity limits set by standards committees.


LED Optics are the answer – the optics focus the crystal rectifier lightweight into a usable additional targeted beam. For a UV LED LAMP crystal rectifier lamp to be helpful for NDT for scrutiny, their desires to be Associate in Nursing optic over the crystal rectifier supply to supply a helpful intensity.

Optics should be hand-picked to balance intensity against beam profile

By reviewing the illustration, it’s apparent that there’s a style trade-off concerned. camera lens beams offer sleek and even profiles, however narrow-beams offer the intensity required for fluorescent scrutiny. A well-designed crystal rectifier scrutiny lamp desires each for the most effective results.

Common crystal rectifier optics are made up of PMMA

UV-A LEDs gift an additional challenge for optics. Common crystal rectifier optics are made up of PMMA (acrylic) – it’s low-cost, simply wrought into the desired form, and clear for light. However, PMMA absorbs UV and can solarize (yellow and cloud over). a similar development is seen in older automotive headlights – with exposure to the UV from the sun the clear plastic becomes cloudy.

Optics originally developed for UV LEDs are treated to transmit UV-A right down to 320 nm

With the special treatment, optics can still solarize over time. Solarized lenses can severely decrease the output of Associate in Nursing crystal rectifier lamp, and that’s why inexpensive UV crystal rectifier lamps required replacements daily.

Lamp makers ought to balance these factors into the planning of Associate in Nursing scrutiny lamp that (A) features a helpful intensity, (B) features a beam with a sleek and even profile while not hot spots, and (C) is durable and sturdy.

With the EV6000, Magnaflux developed custom crystal rectifier optics made up of UV stable material. which means the lenses won’t solarize and therefore the UV-A intensity won’t degrade over time. All crystal rectifier UV-A Lamps from Magnaflux use these custom optics for dependable performance and a protracted life.

Life period and Maintenance:

There could be any component to require an account of to create our choice!

Unlike the UV Lamp, the crystal rectifier ones don’t want the periodical replacement of the Bulbs, because they need an awfully long period and therefore the Diodes used are unbreakable, complete in resistant plastic material, and tested to resist high temperatures.

The crystal rectifier Lamps, moreover, don’t contain deadly substances, and that they are recycled with ease and utilized in complete safety!

Certainly additionally the economic facet, i.e the value of the Lamps in trade, will solely affect our decisions!

Until recently, crystal rectifier Lamps were actually dearer compared to the classic UV Lamps…today the costs are equalizing, additionally due to the various models and products out there on trade. By the way, after we point out the value, we’ve got to require an account that the long lifetime of the crystal rectifier Lamps justifies any value variations compared to the UV ones.