Administrative procedures are numerous during a move. We must warn different public and private bodies of your change of address. Social Security, the CAF, the Post Office, the Taxes, the Pension Funds, the service in charge of the registration cards, or even the energy suppliers must all be informed of your move. Fortunately, there is a free online service provided by the Public Service that centralizes and contacts the various organizations simultaneously. This service is available 3 months before the move and up to 3 months after. That’s enough to make your move a lot more Zen. The office relocation service in bangalore option comes useful here.

Contact energy providers and the Internet

If the Public Service website informs energy suppliers, however, consider closing your contract in the old housing and opening a new contract in your future home. To do this, take the meter from your old home 24 hours before the final departure and contact your energy supplier. To open a new contract, you do not have to wait until the last moment. You can open a new contract up to 8 weeks before moving in.

Prevent your insurance

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Before you move, tell your insurance company to transfer your home insurance policy.

The transfer of the insurance contract

In case of a change of housing, whatever your status tenant, owner, etc., you must inform your insurance and transfer your contract to ensure your new home.

Moving and insurance

If you do not use movers and if an incident occurs during the move, you must be aware of the coverage that covers you. Contacting your insurance beforehand allows you to adapt your insurance contract and move with confidence.

Sort and get rid of the superfluous

Before you get into the boxes, a small sort is required. This allows you to get rid of unnecessary items that have been following you for years for nothing and it also allows you to estimate the number of boxes you need. Start by giving, selling, or throwing away items that you no longer use. Furniture, appliances, and clothes: sort and keep only what you need. There are many mobile apps and other websites that allow you to sell or donate goods. Do not deprive yourself.

How to prepare the boxes?

Now that you’ve done the sorting, it’s time to make the cards. For this you will need:

Cartons of different sizes: you can buy them in the store or ask for them free of charge in some large retailers. If you opt for a move with professionals, they will provide you with the boxes you need.

Wide tape to close cartons: It will also be used to lock drawers and furniture doors.

Indelible markers or labels to record on the cardboard what it contains and in which room it will go.

Bubble wrap or newspapers to pack fragile items.

Start as soon as possible to make your cards because this step takes time and requires some organization. Work room by room and store in the first place what you do not use every day. For example, if you move in the summer, you can already pack your winter clothes and blankets. If you have a well-stocked library, store the books you will not read before the move. On the kitchen side, you do not have to go shopping in the weeks before the move. Empty your cupboards as and when. This way, you will not have to drag 12 kg of pasta into a carton.