If you buy an expensive item, it is essential to have a reliable record of its shipment and its routing. Leaving to pay a little more expensive shipping costs, experts recommend that you prefer a shipment with tracking, or even favor a shipment by registered with delivery against signature.

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It may be necessary to move to the post office but you will be sure to get the object purchased. Be careful because shipments by a carrier from a country outside the European Union, for example, the United States generate in most cases customs fees. With top expensive thing on ebay; top expensive item on ebay; most expensive thing on ebay; most expensive item on ebay; Check it on iSnipe the options are there.

Use PayPal for payment

Directly paying the seller by credit card presents a risk, especially if the latter is abroad. Experts advise you to privilege PayPal during your transactions because this trusted third party enjoys an excellent reputation.

The principle is simple: you pay PayPal which then transmits the money to the seller. In addition, you have a remedy in case of problems that in some cases allows you to be reimbursed if you have not received the product. Unlike instant purchase, you must enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the desired good.

Finally, when you’re ready click on the button Bid, eBay will then make automatic auctions until your maximum amount is reached. If your bid is exceeded, you will be informed by email. Note that you also have the option to edit it. For this, go to my eBay, select the subject in question, and then enter your new amount.

Note that for any auction, you agree to pay.

If you made a mistake, eBay may allow you to retract, but under certain conditions. Also, feel free to check eBay’s auction help page. Buying by auction means that you are competing with other buyers, so there is the risk of not being able to purchase the desired item.

How to sell on eBay?

You want to get rid of furniture too bulky, or sell a bike you no longer need? Go to My eBay, at the top right of your username. Then, click Sell. Give a title to your product, then select Start. Then, click Create an ad. The platform offers a guide to help you create an attractive listing and sell your property in the best conditions. Please note that if your sales are of a professional nature or are more than $ 5,000 excluding furniture, appliances or automobiles, then you are required to declare your income. To learn more, check out the Factsheet of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. To buy or sell while on the move, download the eBay app.


Regardless of the online transaction purchase or sale, it is very important that you remain vigilant. eBay offers a guarantee to the buyer: the eBay Guarantee. This allows you to be refunded but under certain conditions. If you encounter a problem, it is advisable to contact the vendor directly through the dispute Manager:

  • Account Settings
  • Account
  • My eBay sections
  • Litigation Manager.

If no arrangement is found you can reach eBay customer service then latter an expert will contact you within 48 hours.