The telegram中文版 is an illuminating application focused on speed and security. It is truly fast, clear and free. People can use Telegram on all contraptions all the while your messages can be perfectly changed on a significant number of phones, tablets, or PCs. With Telegram, People can send any sort of messages, photos, accounts, and records, and make packs for up to 100,000 people or stations to discuss to a boundless group. People can create their cell contacts and journey for people by username. Thusly, Telegram looks like a blend of SMS and email-it can meet all your own or business illuminating necessities. Moreover, we furthermore support beginning-to-end mixed voice calls.


Telegram is for each person who needs fast and reliable messages and calls. Business customers and little gatherings may like colossal social events, usernames, workspace applications, and solid record-sharing decisions. Since the Telegram social affair can have up to 100,000 people, we support replies, makes reference to, and hashtags, which help with keeping control and staying aware of correspondence capability in immense organizations. People can use advanced gadgets to allot directors to help these organizations quiet and flourish. Public get-togethers can be joined by anyone and are solid stages for discussion and get-together info. Expecting that People slant toward pictures, Telegram has vivified gif search, the most excellent photo article administrator and an open sticker stage (find some cool stickers here or here). Even more fundamentally, People don’t need to worry about plate space on their devices. With Telegram’s cloud support and store the board decisions, Telegram can consume pretty much no room on the phone. Those searching for additional security ought to truly take a gander at our general settings, not moderate techniques. To stay silent, People can endeavor our contraption unequivocal secret visit and use self-destructing messages, photos and accounts and lock your application with an additional mysterious word.


Telegram is simple and people are aware of using it. Telegram messages are profoundly encrypted and able to self-destruct. Telegram lets people access the chats from multiple devices. It has no limits on the size of the media and chats. It is an open API and source code free for everyone. It keeps the messages safe from hacker attacks. Telegram groups can hold up to 200,000 members. Telegram lets People completely customize the messenger.

People can use Telegram on PDAs, tablets, and even PCs. Telegram has applications for iOS (at least 6), Android and Windows Phone. People can moreover use the web type of Telegram or present one of our Windows, OSX and Linux workspace applications. People can sign in to Telegram from anyway numerous devices as People want all of them can be endorsed all the while. Just use your very compact number to sign in. To develop your applications for various stages, our API is accessible to originators.

The Telegram improvement bunch is arranged in Dubai. An enormous piece of the architects behind Telegram was at first from St. Petersburg, a city known for its striking incredibly capable engineers. As a result of adjacent IT rules, the Telegram bunch expected to leave Russia and endeavored various regions as its base, including Berlin, London and Singapore. Telegram is at present content with Dubai, but accepting that close-by rules change, telegram people are ready to move again.