Live-stream video combines a number of the foremost tried-and-true methods of engaging together with your audience with innovative opportunities to interact a step further.

But there’s more to assembling engagement than what happens during the broadcasting. There are lots you’ll be able to do before, during, and after you go live to squeeze the maximum amount value as you’ll out of each live video. بث مباشر مباريات for lifestreaming your video.

From understanding your purpose to measuring your ROI  and everything in between you have got to handle many factors for live video to form sense and work for your brand. Let’s take a glance at 13 areas in four parts (before, during, after, and measurement).

Part 1: Before the published

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Know your purpose

It’s vital that you just have a purpose for going live. does one want to grow your audience? Increase your mailing list? Generate leads? Improve sales?

Going live without knowing why maybe a recipe for disaster. Your broadcast will likely be clunky and disjointed, which might do more harm than good to your brand. whether or not you get lucky and have a successful broadcast, you’ll haven’t any true understanding of why it went well and you won’t be able to replicate the results.

Choose a format

You also have to determine what format your broadcast will take. a number of the foremost popular formats for live video are Question-and-answer sessions, How-to instructional video, Interviews, Behind-the-scenes peeks, Product or service reveals. Your purpose will dictate the sort of live session you produce. for instance, if your goal is to come up with leads, a product reveals or how-to instructional video would be only, as you’d introduce a brand new product or explain how your product will benefit the viewers.

By defining the kind of broadcast for your audience, you give them a decent idea of what to expect and make it far more likely that they’ll get the maximum value out of your live session

Choose the correct platform

You have a variety of platforms to settle on — each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s observe two of the foremost popular: Facebook and Periscope (in partnership with Twitter). (As this chart shows, Facebook far exceeds Twitter for live streams, and this gap is simply growing.)

Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows you to quickly and simply reach dead set your followers at the press of a button — without making them download a separate app or program. You receive a variety of metrics after broadcasting to assist fine-tune your future live sessions.

However, because Facebook isn’t solely a video-streaming app, you have got to compete with distractions that appear on your audience members’ feeds — your broadcast runs the chance of getting lost among a sea of cat videos and memes.


On the opposite hand, Periscope is dedicated to living broadcasts, making it easy for your followers to seek out and attend your live session. However, for several businesses, their following on Facebook exceeds their presence on Periscope & Twitter. Even when this isn’t the case because Facebook encompasses a much larger user base the potential for growth is larger on Facebook than on Periscope.