Hippocrates and Galen are known as the first physical therapy practitioners. Physical therapy is also known as physiotherapy. Mostly physical therapy is treating as the primary treatment or coincides with another treatment. Physical therapy gives lighter suffering, gives strength, recovery from injury, and so on benefits. When we going for physical therapy the therapists ask some questions about our health condition, pain and our moving strength or how we do the task at every day and other symptoms and the medical history they check our body condition that means physical conditions and they check your body condition that means physical conditions after this they can go for the what does a physical therapist do ? They give treatment, which includes daily exercises and massage, cold therapy, warm water therapy, to remove our body pain we can find this physical therapy treatment in hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehab centers, nursing homes, and private medical offices.

what does a physical therapist do

Physical therapy is lighter in pain. We can avoid surgery through physical therapy and some people scares about surgery in that situation they may go for physical therapy. If a physical therapy removes the pain then there is no need for going to surgery and then suppose you have to feel hard to move and walk, then physical therapy helps to move better. Physical therapy also helps to recover from the stroke. After the stroke, people can find some difficulty to get rid and they cannot have somebody parts like before. In that situation, physical therapy helps strengthen weakened body parts. Physical therapy improves our balance and maintenance of the body’s equality. And it may manage heart and lung disease too. It helps women to recover their pain. But most common physical therapy may use for neck pain, back pain, and joint pain. There are many types of physical therapy available such as pediatric physical therapy, geriatric physical therapy, and vestibular rehabilitation. These are the types of and parts which it repairs the body parts. A physical therapist teaches them what the steps to control are or able to maintain their immune power and they can able to maintain their body condition and they want to live for a long time with a good health benefit. Physical therapy inspects an individual patient and they can create or increase their ideas and the techniques used for treatment and imply the ability to walk or move and remove pain, re-establish the function of body parts and help to control the illness or sickness.

 There are certain important duties are there to be followed by the therapist: 

  1. They have to collect details about the patient and they have to know more about the physical condition and them facing the indications.
  2. It also analysis the functioning of movement and it removes the pain and they also create or increase a treatment idea.
  3. A physical therapist makes teach or they give some guidelines about doing the exercise and provide some instructions to be followed while doing the exercise by using the simple technique.
  4. They also motivate to remove the pain and they also do some reflexology which helps to heal the pain in joints and helps to move or shake their body parts and makes them work properly.

These are some duties and instructions which are given by the therapist for the patients have to follow these instructions for their good health and welfare of their life.