Do you want to watch movies online free? Do you know how you can watch a film without paying a dime? If you’re even a little bit internet savvy, you probably know that already, and you know the name of the site – yes, we are talking about putlocker . A group of internet geniuses from the UK created this site in the UK and launched publicly in 2012 for the first time. Today we are going to tell you how you can watch movies online absolutely free of cost on Putlocker and many other similar websites.

Putlocker is a movie and TV program index site, like many others, which is extremely popular in its own genre for the massive collection of film and TV programs from all over the world. Even though the site actually does not host any of the content files in its own server, and it just lists the links of the third-party sites where the contents are hosted – it received a ban for the main Putlocker domain by a UK court. Then Putlocker decided to move its website to another domain, and they did that several times already to keep up the site from shutting down permanently. Initially, the movie site got huge success as its traffic reached a total of 800,000 per day. But once its main competitor Megaupload got closed down, Putlocked touched more than one and a half million viewers the next day, which was pretty amazing.

How to watch movies online without paying anything?

Often people ask whether Putlocker is legal or not. To be honest, it’s kind of a gray area. Generally, it’s illegal to download movies, TV series, and other copyrighted digital media files from online. But in case you’re not downloading anything, but merely streaming, the laws are different in different countries. Still, if you’re using your home broadband to stream content on websites like Putlocker, sooner or later, there’s a chance that you are going to receive legal warnings from your internet service provider. So, is there any way you can watch movies online without worrying about such legal trouble? Well, yes, there is a way, and that’s using a VPN.


A VPN masks your original IP and encrypts your traffic. So, neither your ISP knows which site you’re checking, nor the site itself can track you by your IP. This way, you can stream movies on Putlocker, and nobody can tell! However, there’s a catch, though. Many VPN services use inferior technology and lack proper DNS leak protection and kill switch. Therefore, in case of sudden network disconnection, your actual IP may get revealed for a split second, which is enough to reveal your true identity most of the time. To prevent such accidental IP or DNS leak incidents, you should always go for the top VPN services (a simple Google search and a little bit of research will tell you which are the reliable ones). Stay clear from all the cheap and newly launched VPNs out there no matter how lucrative their fees are. It’s not necessary that a reliable and fast VPN can’t be reasonably priced; in fact, many high-quality VPNs offer amazing discounted deals. You just need to check their websites to grab a package, and you can select the subscription duration as per your budget.