They are nothing but the browser plug-ins which eases the task of internet browsers to get rid of annoying ads. So far many internet users had faced this common problem of receiving online ads which are causing a hindrance in the path of their online browsing experience. With the arrival of this browser plug-in which is known as Adblocker and adblocker Plus now the user can have a hassle-free search of content for what they are using the internet.


Advantages and Disadvantages of this plug-in:

Now everything which is done online has its own importance, these ads blocking plug-ins also come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

  1. On one hand, it is good news for the web browsers as they have full control over the extension of these annoying ads, on the other side it is bad news for webmasters and content writers as they are their daily bread to survive in the world of internet marketing. If these advertisements as the revenues are taken away, then it is sure to affect the quality of the content writing strategy which will, in turn, affect the online traffic. Thus, being a circle of sorts; it shows domino effects as the things are interrelated to one another.
  2. Every new business that had just started their career via marketing use this online marketing that is a faster and reliable source to audiences across the world and let them discover their products and services online that use the internet Few people think advertisements are annoying or a waste of time, but the fact is that these advertisements are informative and well-targeted to reach potential customers who know about their products. On the other hand, if such kind of ads is actively blocked then the internet users will be lagging behind to explore and discover new goods and services that are limited.
  3. Blockage of ads not only affects the users but it also shows a great impact on advertisers and the advertising agencies. Media plays an integral part to let the user discover and explore their services and products with these advertisements which draw more sales for their businesses. Today for one or the other thing every individual uses the internet on daily basis and consume content or the media available on the internet, thus the online marketing is thumb rule to success. If not advertised then it is sure to show a negative impact on their sales and the digital marketing strategy will also be affected.
  4. So with thorough analysis, this is understood that ad block plug-ins are having their own set of disadvantages. So with an insert of these plug-in filters, they minimize the ads and empower the internet users to choose what is acceptable to them without wasting their time watching these advertisements that are coming in between their content or media.
  5. In the present scenario like ad block, plug-ins are using the technology to recognize and block advertisements, in the same way, the webmasters and SEO experts need to modify their methodologies and technologies to deliver their advertisements. In the same way, the content writers also need to gear up with more impressive, informative write-ups which impact on users to view or read. So online marketing strategy will surely reach new heights and improve in coming days.


The digital marketing is full of challenges and daily needs some kind of boosting such as new ads and application of strategies to get noticed the effort of content writers, producers regarding their quality of work for a particular product or service to reach a potential audience in a correct manner and increase the sales of their business and revenues. But if this plug-in is blocking their advertisements then it is going to show a negative impact on their business and revenue. At this time the government should come forward and take necessary steps and viable solution to benefit both the Businesses and SEO experts to get involved in digital marketing.