Here are some tips if you decide to go to Jaipur, a list in the mess but that can be really useful to you and make your trip happen in excellent conditions.

Visit the beautiful Amber Fort about 15 kilometers from Jaipur for that you can take the bus n ° 5 (local bus, 0.2 € the way) in front of the palace of the winds or ask the people in the street what are the other buses that are going.

Stop for a moment to see the water palace and return to alte in a fabric factory to visit and understand the manufacture. No big pressure to buy at the end of the visit. To visit Jaipur from Delhi, taking Taxi happens to be the best option and that is the reason you can make a visit to . You will find all kinds of taxi booking options right there to head to Jaipur.

Visit Amber Fortress

You can eat a snack in the fortress. The 2 establishments are not very visible. They are located, once the main gate of the fortress crossed, on your right below, just before the ticket office. A quick meal with chicken sandwiches and drinks costs around Rupees 400. Otherwise, there is a more upscale restaurant that sits at the bottom left of the first courtyard, above the box office. You can take a ride just to visit the place that is absolutely magical. We could quickly be mistaken for a maharaja.

Visit the Jantar Mantar Observatory

If you still have time, take a tour of the Yantra Mandir Astronomical Observatory better known as Jantar Mantar. It can be seen from the balconies of the Palais des Vents. It is impressive, even more impressive than the Delhi Observatory. Built in the early eighteenth century, we can see twenty instruments very impressive.

Entry price per person: 200 Rupees (foreign tourist tariff in 2017)

Open daily from 9h to 16h30

Where to eat in Jaipur?

This is the first time you visit a city and we have so much trouble finding a decent place to eat . In the part of the old town, we will not recommend anything at all. We simply found nothing. Our hotel is located near the old town, so we folded on their map.

Rajasthan shy Indian woman

Jaipur is an essential stop on a trip to North India. Very rich culturally, this city has a lot to offer. Do not miss our favorite visits to Jaipur, the Monkey Temple, the Palace of Winds and the Fortress of Amber. It is also necessary to walk and get lost inside the walls of the old woman to feel the soul of Jaipur.

Taking your time also allows you to meet people and immerse themselves in the way of life of the inhabitants. It was in Jaipur that we were invited for the first time to an Indian family to share a chai. After a visit to a traditional Indian hairdresser the meeting with a painter and a young Hindu monk, these are good opportunities to learn more about the diversity and complexity of Indian culture.