Scaffolding is made in different types in this world. Bamboo scaffolding is one of the types of scaffolding. It is mostly used in construction works that for centuries. Famous landmarks are built with bamboo scaffolding only. That Great Wall of China is one example of bamboo scaffolding. This type is continuing till now in some countries.


Scaffolding Romford

Hong Kong introduces this bamboo scaffolding into the building industry after the colonization in the 1800s. This type is more used in multi-store buildings and the building of houses. Short-term construction projects are used in the bamboo scaffolding method, itis for Cantonese Opera performance. Generally in Hong Kong, there are three types of scaffolds are used. It was a double-row Scaffold, shop signs of bamboo scaffolds, and extended bamboo scaffolding. In 2013, registered bamboo scaffolders are 1750 and approximately 200 Scaffolding Romford companies. It was diminishing due to materials and shortages in labour. In recent times, safety issues also added serious concern because of the lack of labour force and materials. The reason for the labour shortage is the reluctance of today’s generation to become scaffolders. Most of the youngsters think that it was a dirty and dangerous job. Yu Hang Flord said that youngsters don’t like this kind of job. He is almost more than 30 years of experience in this job and he became the director of Wui Fai holdings, also a member of the Kowloon scaffolders general merchant association. Youngsters refuse to step in, although in high pay also. Today’s youngsters don’t like jobs that contain hard work. Some people are learning scaffolders because of the order passed by the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council. If they undergo training then only people can acquire a license. In older days, scaffolders learned as scaffolders so that they able to gather hands-on experience more. The material shortage is also one of the reasons for the decline. China export materials for bamboo scaffolds all over the world. Generally bamboo matures after three years only. Then it becomes thick skin and wide-diameter perfect for bamboo scaffolding, these bamboo comes accurately from the Shaoxing area in Guangxi. Firms are looking to Guangxi for the past two decades. Switching from bamboo to synthetic or plastic bamboo or import from Thailand comes as an unsuccessful process. Many African countries like Nigeria still using the bamboo scaffolding method in small-scale construction in cities. Bamboo scaffolders for construction are common in rural areas. In Nigeria, bamboo is more important for construction and buildings commodity. Heavy trucks are used to transport bamboo to cities from rural areas and also the northern part of Nigeria. Rural and urban areas contain some structures for recreation centers and relaxation that structures are used by bamboo materials. It is not a reason for poverty but it is to add on also. Constructing the bukas in rural areas are used by bamboo materials till now. In older days, forests are more so bamboo materials get easy for scaffolding. But now forest becoming less so that bamboo materials getting difficult. This the reason the bamboo scaffolding method is decreased in the world. This method or type is something special while compared to other types.