Photography is an art, attracted by every people. Photography is adding extra effect in a particular image like lighting, electromagnetic radiation. Photography became a passion of many people. in photography various new technology was added. A variety of animation effects are used in photography. foto produk makanan is a kind of photography to use food products. In the beginning period, photography is an unnatural thing they face many difficulties to create a clear photo. In the modern world, photography is a profession people had a passion to become a photographer and people created new technology to develop the passion. There are many colleges is available to learn the techniques of photography because in college teachers taught new techniques to impress people. After photography, it will become film making. Photography is very essential for every person’s life without photography people cannot remember their life experience and it creates sweet memories for people.

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Types of photography

Photography is a unique method according to the photographer the method was changed. Photography is dynamically animated images in the modern world there is a variety of new technique is invented. We can edit different types of photography in a single take. Some of the types are event photography, aerial photography, fine art photography, fashion photography, travel photography, scientific or specialty photography, photojournalism, stock photography. According to research, there are fifteen variety of photography methods are available in the photography world.

Aerial photography

Aerial photography is a unique method of photography people born with modern technology and tradition people are comfortable in this type of photography. The aerial image has been around as long as it manages field so the usage of modern technology is essential. The photographer must know about the modern instrument used for photography. Without modern technology, aerial photography is not a possible job.

Event photography

Event photography is a very different method of photography to compare another photo studio because a normal photoshoot is a simple take but an event photographer, we must have the capacity of speed and perfect click. Event photography style is a mixed style so photographers can make a perfect click from every situation. The event photographer did not have a variety of setting so he must use the normal environment but make a perfect picture.

Fashion photography

Fashion photography is one of the more glamorous and difficult to enter the photography field. If you want to become a fashion photographer you must know all kinds of fashion-related information and knowledge about the trending fashion brands. This is the essential quality of a fashion photographer.

Classic photography

The classic photography created the ancient look we dressed like ancient people. The environment is mainly focused on classic photographers. If we want to become a classic photographer we must know the classic environment, classic ideas, class culture, and tradition. This is the essential quality of a classic photographer. The environment is the biggest support for classic photography and it gives a great result in photography. The photographer must expert in their fieldwork because classic photography is not a type of regular photography so the photographer has experience in fieldwork. The classic photo studio setting is not a regular type