In the west foreign countries, there are fewer kitchens without a microwave. The trend is catching up in India as everything became modern. A comment lot of things add value to lives, Decades ago if one needs to travel it takes a long time. But now planes make it an easier and comfortable way of traveling. Like people use mud bricks, heated wood cooking, and then gas and now it’s an oven to mini ovens. But cooking in the oven is completely different. The modern kitchen includes a Mini oven, 4 slice toaster, food processor . The toaster is particular because that is could be used only to toast bread. Food processors simply make the cooking process very easy. Then cooking chopping, slicing, and blending steal time. The food processor makes it very simple and unique. These are the main components that a modern kitchen possesses.  Many leading brands try in improving their quality and that makes comfort for the customers.

Mini oven,  4 slice toaster, food processor

How to identify a good oven? 

The best microwave oven is, simple to use and easy to clean. It is very useful to bake delicious cakes and grill chicken.  The price and the power matter, some micro oven provides these facilities at a high cost. The microwave should have multiple options for cooking and should consume less water power. The microwave should provide uniform heating of food. This is to be noticed. Because if it doesn’t provide uniform cooking then it is the worst because it spoils the dish.  The oven should have a timer facility. There are many brands. But choosing a unique and excellent featured microwave is important. It should be compact.

A toaster and its type 

Before, Toaster sliced bread is toasted with flame. A toaster is an electric utilization premeditated to visible sliced bread to radiant hotness. Types of toasts are

  • Pop- up-toasters
  • Conveyor toaster

Pop-up-toasters are automatic toasters by activating the best element the bread is toasted. The completion of the toaster is determined by a timer or thermal sensor.  They allow the bread to be lifted higher and the normal is raised position. Toast has to lift the toasting process.

Conveyor Toasters make many sliced of toast, which is used in catering industry restaurants and commercial foodservice. The conveyor is used for home use.

Features of Toasters

The good toaster must have self-adjusting guides that ensure toast is well-centered that help to toasted evenly cancel button allows stopping toasting at any time. So the bread doesn’t burn crumb tray collects the crumbles so that the toaster can be kept clean. Convection heating helps to cook things faster. Rotisserie helps to cook chicken and Turkeys. Before buying check the reviews of the product is necessary.

Best 4 sliced Toaster

*Harvells Feasto

* Borosi BT01500SS22

* Bajaj ATC 4750-W

* Black+ Decker BXTO04011N2300Watt

* Philips Daily HP2552/00

 Food processor

A food processor is the most important cooking tool because it helps to perform a lot of kitchen activities in precise time. That makes comfort to cook and perform activities like slicing, juicing, mixing, blending, etc. Before buying the key feature to note is the speed of the process.  The function should be considered and proper.  It should take in a limited amount of power. There two kinds of food processor. Hand-operated food processor and electric food processor. Motor power is a key feature. According to the power of the motor, the life of the product is decided. Much has a warranty for the product and easy exchange should be available.