Most of the population of this world own a mobile phone that they use to call people, send messages and connect to the network, but to do all these actions one needs the wanted credentials and data about the codes, numbers, keys, and more details. But all these details are given when the operator signs up with an individual network. Just click the click here option they give access to do these tasks like calling, texting, and having internet access.

UICC and SIM card:

There is a term called UICC, it is also a card that has a chip in it and which have replaced the magnetic terrazzo in cards like credit and debit. The purpose of the UICC and SIM cards are nearly the same and so UICC is known as the successor of the SIM cards, due to the big non-volatile storage they can do more work than the SIM cards sometimes.

UICC can run a SIM card so it has been said as a synonym work for SIM card. SIM cards sometimes stop the growth of our mobile phone’s infrastructure and there are no serious issues about the SIM cards in this mobile world. Through the fast-growing years, the SIM card makers reduce the sizes from standard SIM to Micro SIM to Nano-SIM. But the reduction only reduces the sizes of the SIM cards, not their functions and the contacts and chips are the same as in the old SIM cards.

Reduction of the sizes:

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Manufacturers of today try to reduce the sizes of the SIM cards more but it may cause the problem to the users at a particular point. Small cards only able to put it into the minor devices and it can be lost easily and the installation of these SIM cards is also a difficult job. Transferring the SIM cards from one device to another one is an easy job but if it is lost then it will be difficult for its user to get it back or it may lead to a third person to use the card without the owner’s permission.

SIM cards have many changes in it, one of those if eSIM that are fixed SIM cards in the mobile phone itself that gives more flexibility, security, and factors. These eSIMs are fixed permanently in the smartwatches and mobile phones, over the last few years the Google and Apple mobile manufactures use eSIM technology in their mobile phones and even they use a eSIMs their use of the Nano-SIM cards have not been decreased. They a lot place for the eSIMs in their mobile and other electronic devices, if a person uses Apple devices he can get access to partner use and it gives the random ability to alter the carriers and they don’t need any device.


The disadvantage of eSIM is they are suitable only for the large manufactured devices, these cards are unable to transfer easily and can’t be accessed through remote which means if a person breaks his mobile and needs to use a new mobile he can’t copy the details of the old SIM card easily without the carrier’s permission. If he tries to copy that it may cause the loss of data like messages and contacts.