The touch screen is the line of the iPhone which is based on the smartphone design and market by the apple. The iPhone uses the apple ios mobile operating system in all the generations. The first iPhone is released on the date of 29 June 2007. The new Apple iPhone is periodically released in the hardware iteration and ios updated version. Around this device, user interference is built. There s a multi touching screen. It includes the virtual keyboard. mua iphone giá rẻ Apple iPhone connects to cellular data and the wifi also. It has the facilities of taking photos, send and receive the mails, playing the music, web browser, receive and send the text, calculation, records note, taking video, visual voicemail these are features available in the iPhone 3GS. There is a mua iPhone giare

mua iphone giá rẻ

There is an app sore contains in the apple more than 2.2 million available for the iPhone. The thirteen generations have released the iPhone models. There is accompanied in the thirteen major release of the new iPhone models. GSM has the first generation of the iPhone was established design precedents in the certain buttons in such a placement through all released to the data throughout all the new iPhones. The first iPhone has the screen size which is maintained in the next four of the generation.

Upgrade program

The upgrade program of the iPhone is 24 months program are designed for the consumer which can get the latest version of the iPhone there is no full payment od the whole price in the honest the program is consists of low payment monthly like buying the phone in the installment. It may give the opportunity over 24 months if the payment is passed like 12 months is passed trade of the customers to their current iPhone with a new one. There is a facility to transfer the amount from old device to new device. A restart of the program will be in 24 months.

Their special features include in the apple iPhone is unlocked handset, it means consumers can pick the network carrier easily as they want, and two years it may include the hardware repairs like AppleCare and the protection. There is support in the software and coverage for the two incidents of accidental damage. It includes the critical program in the endless cycle in the potential of the payment. There is a complete 24 hours payment facility and if you are stuck in the outdated program. It will each program for 12 months. There is limited usage in the hardware particle of iPhones.


Before releasing the iPhones, there is a manufacture of handsets such as Nokia and Motorola. There is a record of enjoying the sales of cell phones. These are based on fashion and brand one rather than the technology of the innovation. In the market of the smartphone is dominated in the time of the device is blackberry os and widow mobile. They designed the phone in the times of the model about the carrier and business limits. There is a bandwidth of regard to the conservation of battery usage. There is a very large number of phones are sold in different models. Apple’s market has success in the development of its high products.