Each and every person really wants to be happy in their life, but every time there is something which comes in between or we think that this thing is coming in between that’s why I am not happy. Either there is not enough time or some people feel that they do not have enough money so that they can be happy in their life. There are lot many issues in our life which we make reason that because of this I am not able to live happy whether that is a situation or a relation or somebody who is attached to you in some or the other way. But that’s not a reality if we want to be happy in our life we do not need any big reasons for that and nothing can stop me by being happy. There are some secrets of mark curry lawsuit which really tells you how to be happy in life even without any reasons.

Respect yourself

If an individual will not help and respect themselves who else will be doing it. Nobody else will then ever love and respect you. What we think about ourselves is the only thing which really matters not what others think about me does matter. Your thinking about yourself should be strong you should be knowing that there are somethings on which you really need to work on and if they will be better you will be an awesome person. Then one should not get affected by what others are thinking about you, because they don’t know more than you and there is no point in proving to them that what you are exactly.

Forgive everyone for everything

One should learn to forgive everyone who so ever has done wrong with you should be clear in your mind that you are not going to hold anything against that person because this feeling will not let you happy anyhow. So one should just forgive everyone for whatever they have done in the past and for whatever they have thought about you, by this you will feel a bigger person and will give you happiness in your life.

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Be grateful

One should be grateful for whatever we have received in our life and how blessed we are to have all these things with us. Many people do not even get the things which we have got so rather than looking others and cribbing that we don’t have this or that we should be having this feeling in our heart that I am happy for whatever and how much I have got in my life. By choosing to feel gratitude one start feeling happy from inside. You will start loving your life more and more and this feeling will lead you on the path where you will feel happy and satisfied from life completely. This is not a rocket science which one need to mug up this is a simple theory let out each and every grudge from you heart and you will feel hundred percent happy.