They typically work by offering native Android and iOS applications and develop their projects as a normal software project, with requirements at the beginning of the project and one or two deliverables at the end of development. With the use of the best app development companies this is important now.

  • This usually takes several months, and in the end, the customer usually asks for a number of modifications, as when using it realizes that some things could be different. When you think of it one way, but when you use it there, on the phone, you see that things are missing, some parts were not clear about how they should be used, that was not intuitive, or just that the project is really weak.
  • At this point, the person realizes that he threw a large amount of money out the window. So, ask for a lot of modifications. The company in turn says is not in the contract, we need to make another budget and then the thing begins to drag on. The client pays insulted, and the company already develops without so much horny in the project.

This whole story there you know well. A few years ago a development company and some projects went this way. We always tried to prevent the process from going that way, but customers liked the closed design, which forced this pattern.

Tailored application development

best app development companies

What the customer wants is a software tailor, a software cabinetmaker, an architect. That listens to your desire and does something 100% tailored, customized. But it is different. A suit, the tailor measures you all; height, waist, bust, butt, whatever. In a few days, he calls you and ready-made the clothes that fit your body. The cabinetmaker is very similar too.

Already the architect, who makes more complex projects, introduces you one, two, three, four times the project and you will change here, there until it is as you wish. This is because you imagined something, but when you see there ready in 3D, you realize that there was a lack of space here, a wall left, the balcony was not so good, the light does not go right, and so on. Then, you will change throughout the project, so when the construction starts there will be no error or have as little as possible. Well, software development has to look more like architecture than woodworking.

Responding to customer changes is more important than following the initial plan

This statement is part of the agile manifesto and is one of the goals of my company. Because what really matters is having an amazing product ready in the end! Super suited to what the customer wants and especially useful to the end-user, which makes sense.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development

The minimum viable product would be the simplest way to do exactly what your app will do, with nothing more. Eventually when someone comes to me wanting an app, what they want is to validate an idea. Risk his rich money in an app to see what it gives. It might be nothing, right?

So MVP is what should be developed, always. That’s why we will always do MVPs. We will develop the project in the shortest possible way, doing only the essentials so that the client can validate their idea within a few months. If you have the expected membership, we will continue with the development, with the feedback from users and the experience gained during that period.