Many manufacturers provide floating floors in the basic price of a condo unit, but this type of coating is not popular with buyers, our experts support. If you can afford it, the wood or engineered floor is significantly better for resale value. The expert adds in this respect that the wall-to-wall carpet, which we hardly see anymore, is to be avoided. It’s out, no one wants it anymore. For the Atlanta GA homes for sale this is one hell of experience now.

Beautiful lighting

In a room, lighting contributes to the atmosphere. The lights are therefore worth an additional investment, both for comfort and pleasure when you live in the unit for its possible resale. When buyers come to visit, it’s one thing they’ll notice.

Expert recommends the purchase of mid-range luminaires that exceed in appearance and in quality the rather ordinary ceiling lights that manufacturers install. We will choose them discreetly, arranged in the style of the apartment and not too typical.

Expert advises recessed lighting on the ceiling above the workspace in the kitchen and under the cupboards to illuminate the counter. Recessed fixtures add value when it is possible to have them installed, which is not always the case given the building rules. Built-in appliances are a must in the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. You can modulate the light with dimmers of intensity to give beautiful atmospheres.

On the other hand, as it is rare for builders to install a ceiling light in the living room or in the living area, it is a good thing to add one if there is a budget left after the investments in the kitchen and priority floors. This detail will not necessarily increase the resale value, but it will give the unit something that others will not have.

Shower and ceramic in the bathroom

Bath and shower are now standard in the bathroom, as is the ceramic floor. In this regard, the professional recommends underfloor heating, a small luxury that is easier to install during construction. It will add pleasant comfort for the occupants and will contribute to the unit being sold more quickly by offering something that will set it apart from the competition.

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If the ceramic shower cubicle is a selling point, you have to make sure that it is very well made because we often see water infiltration problems, according to experts. To facilitate maintenance, we can ask that the joints be made of acrylic, she advises, remembering to install a niche in the shower to store toiletries.

Railing and fireplace

A living room fireplace is an element sought after by many buyers, according to experts. However, you must take into account the configuration and size in an open area. A fireplace takes up space for the TV, which should be no higher than 48 from the ground for ergonomic comfort. This is not the case if it must be installed above the fireplace, notes the interior designer, who also points out that glass railings visually open up space, often restricted in a condominium.

The rule: 20% of the market value

Based on the information provided by the Institute of Appraisers, the sums invested in the improvement of a property must not exceed 20% of the market value of units of the same category. Beyond this ratio, there is a risk of not recovering the investment.