A Virtual Escape Room is the type of game that is related to developing the skill and make to think the person or a child who plays it. It is also like a puzzle which helps them to increase their thinking capability and to develop leadership qualities. It is the type of room which is to spend the time making them entertaining and it helps to join with friends and or a family. If they were belonging to a clan or a single person, they were able to play the games and it also helps to develop the team building skill for those persons who play it. In this they offer a room for family, or a clan, for the person who interested in it and they want to play this games and making them more knowledge informing the team skills and it teaches them that how to form a team-building and what are the skills required for building the team and working together with the cooperation. In this, they had more hidden things and they have to think over to some clues.

The procedure involves in this

  • In this first, they have to find the clues. They hide the clues somewhere else and they have to hunt the clues to find the treasure. It is the game that is like a treasure hunt.
  • The games are to find clues and by the find clues, they have to answer the question or to make solve the puzzle to find an exact answer.
  • The allotted time is to complete the game is short because at the given time they have to find the clue to solving the puzzle to win the game.
  • It is the game which may help to spent time with their families and it also helps them to work together.

In this there are types of rooms were available

1) The Grimm escape: this game is also one of the most famous rooms which is introduced at the time of pandemic disease of COVID-19. This is introduced as in the aspect of the truthful life which is also given by the company which is also known as puzzle break.

2) Bank Heist: In this, they were giving a simpler puzzle to solve it and which is known as a virtual escape room it was founded by the head of expedition escape.

Virtual Escape Room

3) Hogwarts digital escape rooms: it is the game about choosing the rooms with filled lots of fun and entertainment which suits the players. In this game, they offer a choice of playing with our friends or family or with our neighbors or having an option of competing with our friends.

4) Minecraft escape room: it is the rooms that are helping to develop our brain capability of solving the math problem with different themes and this makes the children play continuously.

5) Unidentified escape room: this is the room which is being in two types of adventures which in this one was motivated by Nancy drew and another one is known as a general superhero.

6) Intellect game: it is the game that is about testing the capability of kids thinking ability and it also helps to expand the opportunities which are based on study-oriented