First, make the home more comfortable, suitable for you and your family to cope with the next climate change. Second, make the scenario more in line with the current theme, referring to the moment that is being lived, making a special invitation for everyone to be happy and appreciate any changes. Follow the ideas below. The use of Dekoideen happens to be essential now.

Winter as an Inspiration for Interior Customization


The interior designer is able to find inspirations for his creations everywhere. Winter can offer a huge repertoire of images, tones, sounds, smells and textures. And the artist can translate all this into the residential decorations he produces. The same can be done for yourself in your home. Use the arrival of this season as an incentive to prepare the house for winter.

For a warmer house

Now, not everything in winter is pleasant, of course. Getting cold, for example, is something no one wants. It is important to prepare the house so that your family does not get sick.

Add elements to the decor that can make the rooms warmer. It may be interesting to place thicker rugs and curtains, downy pillows, knit quilts and other pieces. And if not, install a climate control or fireplace!

The right place for cold weather junk

See how many things you carry during the winter? It’s a coat, blanket, hat, umbrella and more! And it’s not cool to get it all in the house, spreading moisture and dirt everywhere. An old idea is to put in the lobbying apparatus to hang these belongings. A coat rack is the most traditional feature. But, you can also have insulated hooks, baskets, chests and more.

A backdrop of winter colors and smells

You can have many special times during the winter. To welcome family and friends to your home during the winter period, it may be interesting to set up a neat setting. Use and abuse the flowers and fruits of the season.

For the cold weather, it is a good idea to have a wine on the dining table, some lighted candles, glasses with nuts and even an arrangement of dry leaves and branches.

Enjoying the delights of the season

It is important to think about the activities practiced during the cold weather, from the conception of the decoration project. You might want to have at home, for example, a wood stove or a stove to warm up the surroundings while preparing many treats for the family.

The best you can do in winter besides eating, right? The plates and platters themselves help adorn the house and the set table.

It’s always time for tea or coffee

It’s hard to stay warm in winter. One thing that helps a lot is drinking hot liquids. Therefore, something that may come up in the decoration of your home in the cold season is the “coffee nook”.

It can be mounted near the coffee maker in the kitchen. Another option is on the porch of the house – a good place to enjoy the scenery accompanied by a cup of tea or, within your own home office.

Enjoying the Warm Sunbeams in the Open Space

Finally, it is noteworthy that it is extremely healthy to enjoy the sun during the winter. So leave the outdoor area of ​​your home ready for when you want to enjoy this moment of outdoor relaxation. The place can be decorated with the season in mind – perhaps with flower pots, spices and teas, warm tone pillows, lamps, straw baskets and more. Worth your creativity.