When you start vaping, you can quickly find yourself lost in the multitude of e-liquids available on the market. Between the fruity, the classic tobacco flavor, the originals the choice is multiple. The e-liquid discovery pack has been specially designed for beginners. It contains 5 products: two with a tobacco flavor, three with a sweet taste. With the use of vape liquid this is important now.

Facts to know about the electronic cigarette

Health cost, number of smokers in France, typology of smokers or number of deaths, five things about smoking and its use. They quit smoking with or without the electronic cigarette and they are talking about it.

vape liquid

For several months, we have followed Sylvie, a smoker for 30 years already, who wished at the dawn of her 50 years to quit smoking. During our first interview, Sylvie chained cigarettes on cigarettes. “As usual” in his own words, tobacco is his vice, his pleasure. She has been smoking for 30 years already. Arrived at 50, she finally asked herself the question of quitting smoking. It was her entourage who told her about the electronic cigarette, and she finally chose to take the plunge when cigarette leg offered to become a tester. It is all well and good to extol the merits of vaping through studies and the opinions of specialists, but the best placed to talk about it are ultimately smokers and addicts who have a hard time ending this addiction. For several months we followed Sylvie’s weaning attempt. We gave her the floor, and she told you about her doubts, her successes and perhaps her failures.

An LCI journalist took advantage of the Tobacco Free Month to stop smoking, she tells of her victories, her doubts and especially her rediscovery of taste.

Diary of an addict

This addict’s diary, you followed it, you supported it, and it may even have helped you. This diary of an addict stopped with a victory than a failure. Sylvie has since then had professional difficulties started smoking again but intends to stop again when her life has stabilized.

What strikes first on this new generation Pod is its worked finish and elegant design. Offering several variants to its e-cigarette, the coating of the Target PM80 will range from black carbon to more complex patterns in brown, black and color mixing. The brand Vaporesso proves once again that it knows how to offer avant-garde and modern designs to vape with style.

The Pod Target PM80 has a rather spacious 0.96 color screen which indicates all the information necessary for your vaping: available battery rate, wattage, optimal power of the use of your resistance (the PM80 calculates this automatically), the value resistance in ohm and direct voltage.

The number of puffs, as well as the duration of the latter, is also indicated. The mod has two buttons to adjust the power and navigate the menus.

Quick instructions:

By clicking simultaneously on these two buttons, you access the variable wattage, voltage adjustment, smart power variable menus to propose intelligent adjustment as soon as resistance is identified.

Locking is done by clicking 3 times simultaneously on the fire button. Press 4 times to turn on or off your RP80 electronic cigarette.

The pod cartridge clips and unclips simply by pulling it thanks to a magnetic fixing system.

PM80 pod target cartridge

The magnetic pod cartridge facilitates filling and changing the resistors is done without screwing or unscrewing.