The online platform is a professional online platform and it is important for us to verify the identity of our users, so as to maintain a secure collaboration environment for customers and designers. If you are a designer, you will be asked to verify your identity when you try to present your first designs in a contest. If you are a professional designer and have not been asked to verify your identity, you will need to present your ID as soon as you request payment for the first time. The use of the fake id is also coming essential.

If you are a customer, you may be asked for an identity document when using the platform. In this case, they will contact you to inform you and you will be guided through the verification process the next time you access the site.

Your online platform account will remain locked until you provide us with legitimate and verifiable information about your identity. The verification will last only a few minutes and will serve to protect your account and your payments.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely yes for us at the online platform it is a priority to protect the privacy of our user community. All data they collect and share will be treated in strict compliance with our privacy policy. All data is transmitted using secure transport with encryption suites and is stored and encrypted with the AES256 algorithm.

What do I need to verify my account?

  • Approval document approved
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Identity card
  • Webcam or mobile phone camera
  • The scanned files of the ID card can also be uploaded

How do I verify my account?

If you view this page when you access an online platform it means you have not yet verified your account. Click on the button to begin the verification process. Keep your ID ready. Select your country and choose the corresponding identity document.

Keep your document firmly in front of the webcam, make it coincide with the viewing window and take a picture when the document is perfectly legible. Make sure there is no reflection and that the document is not in a plastic case. Make sure the photo of the document is perfectly legible in the box on the right. Then click “Continue” or try again by clicking “Take a picture” again.

fake id

Take a picture of your face

Look straight into the webcam and make sure your face is well centered. When you’re ready click on Take a picture. Check the photo in the box on the right and if the face is perfectly recognizable, click on “Finish and begin verification”. If not, try again by clicking “Take a picture” again.

Wait for the verification process

When you are done, your data will be uploaded to the system and processed. While waiting, make sure not to close the browser. These two steps may take a few minutes. You can easily work on other cards or applications.

Check completed.

They will send you an email as soon as your document has been verified, so you can log in again to the online platform. If you receive an email saying that the verification has been refused, click on the link in the email to try again.