The question containing this disclaimer was created by a quorum who is a member of the Quora Partner Program. This means that in questions that this person created from the date they entered the Program. the number of views becomes money when you write a great answer. you are increasing the chance of the question having many views and generating revenue for the questioner. The quora partner program works perfectly there.

Yields are paid in the first year only and the expected gain is about $ 2 per question but in the few cases where the question generates an intense flow of visits from Google tens or hundreds of thousands of views. the question can yield hundreds of dollars.

We only find that out after months. We are not against the existence of the Program. we understand that Quora is a for-profit company that needs to generate visitor flow in order to sell ad space. But we disagree with the way the program was implemented. the lack of transparency in the process.

Group of Qurans

quora partner program

We created a group of Quorans who became part of the Program. but we set some guidelines:

We only ask for answers from colleagues who are fully aware of the situation. We consider it wrong for a colleague to answer one of our questions without knowing that it generates income.

We try to disclaimer most of the monetized questions we create but Quora’s robot often deletes the link. and it’s a lengthy process. you can’t edit the questions one after the other.

We asked Quora to create mechanisms to identify monetized questions while this does not happen. we try the disclaimer.

Often a Program member creates a question and answers it himself. We do this because we enjoy writing. and it was one way to rediscover the pleasure of writing in Quora after the turbulent period of feeling used.

We have never undermined the work of professional questioners. We know that they generate a fundamental flow of visits to the existence of Quora. Our criticisms are of the way the process was implemented without clear communication.

Member of the Program or not even if we have not asked you for an answer.

If you answer any of the questions we raise and eventually reach high yields. we will share the gain with you. At first, we imagine something like 50% of the value that exceeds $ 50. But understand that most questions do not reach these values and if the question has multiple responders with equivalent numbers of views. the value would be split. If your answer has thousands or tens of thousands of views and those of the other tens or hundreds only the split value would be just up to you. Quora deposits the money with PayPal after 60 days and we imagine that even if the question is successful it will usually take a few months to reach $ 50 so understand that it may take a while.

Being a questioner is not just a matter of seconds

There is work on reading the news. Most often the question is to generate low values ​​but anyway. it’s a job that will consume a few hours a week. So we think of this story of 50% from $ 50. not 100% of any value.