Unlike what the common belief holds, the economy benefits from migration. Cultural enrichment is a major matter. Migration is also synonymous with cultural enrichment. In addition to generating a swarm of ethnic restaurants, with consequent gastronomic exploration, it leads to greater creativity in art and music, to more interesting football teams, to broaden their range of friends and partners. The london immigration lawyer clears it for both Europe and USA.

Migrants do not take jobs away

Many of the people frightened by immigrants are not necessarily xenophobic, but simply moved by mistaken convictions. According to Legrain, these individuals may appear to have immigrants taking away jobs, but in truth there is no fixed number of jobs and, indeed, migrants create jobs when they spend their salaries.

It is obvious that, yes, immigrants extend waiting lists in the hospital, but it is also true that they often go to the doctor infrequently and in any case pay taxes.

Immigrants do not weigh on welfare

Many believe that immigrants are a burden on welfare. Some may be, as some native citizens are. Overall however, according to the studies, migrants usually mostly contribute to public finances.

  • Young immigrants are also advantageous for countries with low birth rates and subject to an aging population.
  • The US Senate failed to overcome its divisions over the immigration law reform project. After rejecting a bipartisan initiative on which Trump had threatened the veto, he also rejected three different bills, one of which was promoted by the American president on “dreamers”. At least 14 Republicans have joined most Democrats in opposing the measure.

The future of dreamers is becoming increasingly uncertain, migrants arriving in the United States irregularly as children.

The Daca (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is the program of the US federal government, created in 2012 by the administration of Barack Obama , which offers people illegally arriving in the US as children (the so-called “dreamers”) the temporary right to two years of living, studying and working legally in America, if they meet certain conditions .

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During the election campaign Donald Trump had repeatedly declared his intention to dismantle the Daca. Once in the White House, pursuing his fierce fight against immigration, he decided to abolish it on March 5th.

More than 1.8 million migrants are illegally brought into the country as children, whose fate is now at risk of explosion.

What measures have been rejected by the Senate

In recent weeks the Republican leadership of the Senate has tried to reach an agreement for a path that goes towards the achievement of citizenship for dreamers and the strengthening of border security and existing immigration regulations. His efforts, however, failed.

A bipartisan agreement between Democrats and Republicans had been reached: it would protect the dreamers from being expelled in exchange for 25 billion dollars for border security. But Trump had threatened to veto it because it did not include the restrictions on legal immigration he wanted.

In addition to the bipartisan agreement,   the Senate has also rejected two more modest measures. One was promoted by a group of centrists (54 of the 60 needed), the other was written by Republican John McCain and Democrat Chris Coons (52 yes), and aimed to extend the legal protection of dreamers beyond the deadline.