Reaching a large target group with a small budget is possible. Email marketing is a perfect marketing tool for that. By using social media you would think that email marketing has become uninteresting. But email is still a good way to reach your customers. Here you can make the best deals with the right Countdown timers .

Why e-mail marketing?

Email marketing is, if used properly, an important and effective means to generate more visitors as a website. Today’s society has been digitized to the extent that e-mail has become the most important means of communication for many people. The spectacular rise of the smartphone has largely contributed to this. Email is an inexpensive way for marketing experts to reach many people at the same time. Here are some key points:

  • It is good for maintaining your customer relationship
  • You can reach potential customers
  • You can generate leads and sales
  • You create brand awareness
  • You can provide potential customers with Tips and Tricks
  • You can easily appeal to many customers with it
  • You have the option to send personal messages e.g. Birthdays or Christmas

What makes an email marketing campaign effective?

The so-called open rate is very important in e-mail marketing: the percentage of people who actually read the e-mail after receiving the e-mail and do not immediately delete it or deposit it in the unwanted folder. There is no need to explain that good content that interests and fascinates the recipient is of considerable importance. Without good content, an email marketing campaign makes no sense and can even be harmful to the company image. It is extremely important that the sender knows exactly which target group he is aiming for so that the title and content of the e-mails can be adjusted to this specific target group. The title is very important, a catchy title that appeals invites you to read the e-mail. Also, make sure that the sending of your e-mails is accompanied by good timing,


Countdown timers

MailChimp is an online system with which you can easily create and send newsletters. This tool is very simple, so you can import a mailing list with the push of a button. You can also easily link the mail addresses that you collect via your website with MailChimp.

Content Tips

  • Do not write pieces of text, but divide it into short paragraphs
  • Make a call to action per paragraph
  • Let know who wrote the mail and address the subscriber personally in the mailing
  • Come up with a catchy and irresistible title subject

And how further

Start by importing a list of your current subscribers into your MailChimp account. This is the basis of your mailing list. Don’t have any subscribers for your newsletter yet? Then it is useful to place a form on your website with which visitors can register for the mailings. This way you build a large list of (potential) customers with every registration.

Then create a newsletter with interesting information for your target group. Make sure that there is at least one striking call to action in the mailing. This is a call to action. This can be for example: Read the article here or Download the Whitepaper here. With this, you tempt the reader to click through and lead them to a goal that you have determined.