Nowadays, everywhere we are heard about AC. And have you ever acknowleged aboutExplosion Proof Air Conditioner ? There are many AC things around here, right? Everyone had their different perspective on the AC. Yes, here are a lot of AC around here. Some people think about assistant commissioner when they heard about AC.  And some intelligent people think about alternate current. Yes, they are more intelligent. Maybe I am one of them. No, just kidding, right? But many people think about air conditioners when they are heard about AC. Yes, these are the people we want. According to here, these peoples are intelligent. AC is nothing but it is an air conditioner. Yes, the answer lies within itself. It is all about conditioning the air.

It expels the hot air from the surface and giving the cooling to the surface. This is how the air conditioner works. Yes, they are working under two important laws. May be my assumption is right; they are working under the combination of gas law and the second law of the thermodynamics. If you have some attention in school days, then you will know about the second law of thermodynamics and a combination of gas law. Yes, I was also not an attention boy in schools. But I know one thing that is heat can flow warmer body to cooler body. Likewise, the air conditioner is also expelling the heat from indoor to outdoor. The condenser is an important part of doing this thing. Maybe, we can call this is AC law.

Explosion Proof Air Conditioner

What are an explosion and explosion-proof air conditioner?

Ac law is counter by major three air conditioner parts and there are condenser, compressor, and evaporation valves. I already stats that the air conditioner is also expelling the heat from indoor to outdoor. The condenser is an important part of doing this thing. A compressor helps to compress the air and giving help hands to thermodynamics law. The evaporation valve is located between the compressor and condenser. When a dust or foreign particle builds over a condenser coil, this is which expels the hot air from the surface.

So, this is increasing the pressure on the compressor to make cooling constantly. So, this makes air-conditioner failure and this makes way to air conditioner explosion. But nowadays we have a solution to this problem. Yeah, many companies make explosion-proof air conditioners. In here condensers and compressors are stronger than other products. For example, Daikin and Samsung are the best company producing explosion proof air conditioners.

 What are the uses of an explosion-proof air conditioner?

There are many benefits of explosion proof air conditioners and there are some,

  • They have a strong compressor and condenser.
  • They are only expelling at 50HZ and 60HZ too.
  • They are suited for 24 hours days and seven days a week.
  • It is easy to install and also easy to operate than other products.
  • They are user friendly or owner-friendly whatever you take.
  • And they are also eco-friendly.
  • They give more life than others. I mean their life span higher than others.

Don’t think and just get explosion proof air conditioners.