The act is tipping is just a regular activity to help the workers who have helped us with their service. Many of the persons will express their gratitude towards the workers, and some people go beyond this and help the workers through some amount. Though the tipping amount is very small, it will have a more significant impact on the service person. They will usually be paid very low as the rank of the work is considered menial by most of the countries. Only the top high-class restaurants, hotels will pay a high salary to the workers. One can easily calculate tip from various applications.

It is usual to give the tipping amount to the service workers who render service in a thoughtful way to please all kinds of people. Though they do some menial jobs, their kind nature of work and the service is appreciated, and so the tips are given to these kinds of workers. There are no compulsions for tipping; most of the people will provide the tip amount just after gaining satisfaction from their service. This amount will increase eth workers some extra amount to their life in order to match the lower income. The tip also acts as a boost to their work to serve more for the people.

Huge Tipping Difference around the World:

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The tipping process is not the same all over the world. It has a massive difference as per the nature of the country. A person cannot give the same amount of tips which he provides in his home country to other service people of a different country. It is necessary to know some basic details of the tipping of each and every country for which the person travels. In case, if the person is a vivid traveler, then it is mandatory for him to have a look at the guidelines of tipping in the different countries. One cannot just tip in the country the same in which the tips are not allowed. There are many countries that label the act of tipping as bribery and illegal.

There are people who share the total amount of the bill after their lavish dinner. During these situations, it is necessary to share the number of tips also along with the tip amount. So, it is very important to have a tipping calculator application for the perfect sharing. There are many handy applications available for guiding you in tipping. Plates by Splitwise is an application in which the person can get the exact tip amount by dividing the amount among the persons.

In this application, one has to just enter the amount of the bill along with the wishing percentage for the tip amount. Then one has to enter the column number of persons sharing the bill amount. Then the calculator automatically calculates the tip amount and the bill amount correctly. It will give you detail in three rows such as tip amount for the service worker, the amount of the bill for each and every person and the total amount. Thus, it is very simple to divide and share the bill.