If you’re like me, you’re always excited to see the best new movies in theaters, but you can’t always afford to get a ticket for every single film, or probably you can’t make it as per the movie timings due to your job. It gets expensive, and you have to do a lot of time management, but what if I told you there are several websites to watch all the latest movies that are still in theaters right at home for free. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s legal and possible, and that’s what I’m going to tell you how to do in this article.

Couchtuner: top free online movie website

watch movies on couchtuner

The first website that I’m going to recommend is Couchtuner. It is undoubtedly one of the top free movie and TV show sites, and people just love to watch movies on couchtuner without paying for movie passes or having to subscribe to a cable channel. There’s no need for you to register or log in, and there’s no fee to pay for any special package – everything is free and right at your fingertips. The website never hosts any of the movies or TV shows in their site, rather it points you to the other streaming sites where you can watch them easily.

That being said, Couchtuner comes with its own set of inconveniences. The number of movies and TV shows is limited in number, and often you’re going to be disappointed due to the unavailability of your desired titles. The links of the third-party streaming sites get offline sometimes, and Couchtuner takes its own sweet time to replace them with alternative links. Moreover, the videos are slow-loading and buffer most of the time, which is another annoying thing people don’t like about Couchtuner.

Yidio search engine for free movies: Now, I have got a bonus website for you to check out here. Yidio is a search engine that will help you to find out where you can watch TV shows or movies for more than 100 different services. If you’re looking for a specific movie, you could do a search at the search field in the top left of the site. For example, Let’s go with a newer title, Avengers Endgame. Once searched, you are going to see a result page where on the left, it will show you all the places where you can watch that movie. If you subscribe to Disney plus, there’s no additional cost. Or, if you want to find the film that is completely free without having to subscribe to service – first, select movies right at the top, and then to the right of “all sources,” select “free.” In the right panel, films can be sorted by IMDB, rating popularity, recently added, and genre. To get a better selection, let’s filter by rating and choose an IMDB score of at least 7, and for the genre,  you can go with the action. Training Day is a good film, so you can select that one. Now, as you can see, it’s available on prime video and free on the Roku channel. The others listed there will set you back another three to four dollars, so it’s worth checking the site out if you’re looking for free movies or TV shows.