Tobacco consumption is a great addiction. Once addicted, people find it really tough to quit smoking. This is mainly due to the addictive nature of nicotine which is used in cigarettes. Studied have found that one of the effective ways to reduce tobacco or other drugs consumption is to increase their price. This strategy has really worked well in many countries of the world and that is why most of the countries around the world have consistently increased cigarette price by increasing the duty imposed on them. One such idea to save money while continuing to smoke is to purchase cheap cigarettes UK from online stores which offer cigarettes at discount prices.

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Cheap cigarettes in the UK

Just like many other countries of the world, the UK has also imposed high taxes in cigarettes which actually make the consumers spend very high amounts to buy a cigarette. But people cannot quit this habit of smoking easily and that is why they search for alternative options to save as much money as possible. Especially when a person is highly addictive to cigarettes, then no doubt he must go for online stores to fulfill his daily requirement in the lowest possible price. These online stores not only offer cigarettes at a low price but also offer free door step delivery to all corners of the country with in very short span of time.

All you need to do to buy cigarettes online is, just choose an online store which offers good discounts. Then using your email I’d you can also contact the supplier personally for any queries. Then just provide your personal details like address, phone number, etc and order the number of packs you require. The more quantity you order, you get the best discount. You can also earn loyalty points by regularly using a selected online store.

In the UK the tobacco manufacturers offer cigarettes at different price ranges. They have four different types of products which differ in price and quality. You have premium, mid-price, economy and ultra-low price brands. Premium brands are highly expensive and suit Posh or Royal customers, where as ultra-low price brands offer you cigarettes at the lowest possible price and are affordable to every single person. There is also roll your own tobacco available at the cheapest rate.

Lower socioeconomic groups generally prefer ultra-low price products of RYO’s. People from almost all age groups choose tobacco products according to their status. But regular smokers always prefer to go for cost-effective brands to save money.

The youths and middle class or lower middle-class smokers are very sensitive to changes in cigarette prices. Many studies have shown that an average increase of 10% in the price of cigarettes decreases around 4% of its consumers especially from the middle class and lower-middle-class family.

That is how most of the governments around the world are trying to decrease tobacco consumption by increasing the duties on them and there by decreasing the mortality rate caused by tobacco smoking.