Movement is not a question of age. On the contrary, if you are no longer so mobile in everyday life, you must take special care not to rust.  Those who walk around 30 minutes a day can easily fulfill their target. Alternatively, seniors can train intensively for 75 minutes a week. In evolvhealth you can find the best deal now.

Anyone who does 45 minutes of sport twice a week can easily achieve this. It is particularly important in old age to strengthen the main muscle groups in the legs, arms and trunk. It is also worthwhile to focus on coordination and balance training.

Everyday things like gardening also count as movement

When looking for the right training, seniors can take advantage of a variety of options, says professor of health sports and prevention at the University of Applied Sciences. Bicycling, swimming, walking, playing sports but also everyday things like gardening and playing with the grandchildren count as movement.


In order for regular exercise to work, it is advisable not to do sports alone but with others. And the attitude towards aging is also important: If you maintain a positive attitude in old age despite one or the other handicap, you can recover more easily from health restrictions and live longer.

Accept your own limits

Before starting training, however, seniors should know their physical limits. For example, a person may have a weak heart and should not go beyond a certain limit of physical activity. We have to accept this limit but at the same time remain active. The two are not mutually exclusive. Limits should not generally lead to a person becoming inactive.

To prevent this from happening, it can make sense in old age to adapt sports a little. He is a personal trainer and specializes in seniors and late entrants. The first step: playing in a team with your peers that ensure a balanced level.

Small adjustments make sports suitable for senior citizens

If that is not enough, modifications to many popular sports are possible without any problems: In football, for example, players can take the field across and thus reduce in size. Even a larger team ensures a more relaxed game. This also applies to other ball sports such as volleyball. A lower net and a slow ball, for example, so-called slow-motion balls are also useful adjustments.

Tennis can also be made more senior-friendly: If you play in doubles instead of singles, you have to do fewer meters. Softer balls and less tight covering of the frame take some speed out of the game, says the sports expert. Switching from a hard court to an ashes court also makes tennis more gentle on the joints, as stopping movements are less abrupt. Golf can also be designed to be age-appropriate with another technique that does not use rotations.

The whole body should be strengthened

No modifications are necessary for fit seniors when training in the gym. However, depending on age, certain exercises are particularly useful. At the age of 60 and 70, it is important to strengthen the whole body. Above all, the posture is important: It is good to strengthen the upright back muscles and the stomach. Training the legs as a large muscle group is also important. For aesthetic reasons, many women of this age also liked to train the upper arm and shoulder muscles intensively.