Videos For Kids

It has been a great trend that people widely watch funny videos in their free time. Either it may be a hectic work pressure or a stress tension a single funny video would make the people laugh out which in turn reduce their pressure. Whatever may be video related too when it makes the viewer to laugh out of funny things. All these made the funny videos too watch in a wider range which made the scenario that none of the people would be available without watching funny videos. Most of the funny videos are often recorded with pets, experiment failures, sports and even more. The main psychology behind this funnyViệtKidsTV is increasing the curiosity of the people.  Whenever a video increases the curiosity of people by doing impossible thing possible, then those videos would become more viral. Many people can think where to get best funny fails in online? obviously, people have a wide choice of websites online to get best funny clip fails to make the searches easy here are some top most websites listed below which remains to be best among all other resources.

  • 9GAG
  • II superwoman II – YouTube
  • Funny or Die
  • Fail Army
  • Parody by Bart Baker
  • Just For Laughs Gags
  • America’s funniest home videos
  • College Humor
  • The Chive Humor
  • Dorkly – A fun take on fandom

All the above lists are topmost channels for funny videos all these channels would include all kinds of comedy stuff such as videos, clips, GIFs and images.

Various reasons for the popularity of funny clips fail:

Many people can think what would be the reason for the wide popularity of funny clips and their channels? The answer is simpler whenever people are high with some sort of pressure or tension they would seek out for relief which in turn gained through funny clips. Apart from this, there are several reasons why funny clips become popular are listed below.

  • Extended surprise
  • Disbelief matter
  • Stroke of ego

Extended surprises: Most of the clip FAIL or videos would include unexpected things which make them funnier. Most of the people do not expect others to make blender such as a person takes a long time for parking car in easy parking or a man slips from the top while trying to dive into the pool. Likewise, it may be anything which is unexpected whenever people see such things for the first time and get surprised which in turn makes them laugh aloud.

Disbelief matter: Apart from surprise one’s stupidity also makes people laugh; this is one of the reasons why fail videos drawn attention of people. The disbelief matters in the video most of the funny fail videos were people cannot believe how the characters behave so stupid.

Stroke of Ego: On the other hand, there are some people who would watch funny clips especially to stroke their own ego that they had never done such type of stupidity. In many cases, people would judge that they have done such stupidity or not by watching many funny clips.