Want to sell your house with the help of a real estate agent? Still, it must be chosen. Consider the following tips. We do not entrust the care of selling his house to the first comer. Often, it is the savings of a lifetime that is at stake. To find someone you trust, it is best to work by word of mouth. Speak to your surroundings. With the homes for sale in Shreveport-Bossier LA this is important now.

Can one of your relatives recommend a real estate agent?

Also, look for real estate agents in your neighborhood who are most active; the number of signs in their name is a good index. They have a better chance of knowing the neighborhood well.

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homes for sale in Shreveport-Bossier LA

Then meet three or four real estate agents and ask them questions. What is their training? Their experience? How many customers do they represent at the same time? Do they ride alone or do they work as a team? A real estate agent in high demand may not have enough time to spare. It may be better to speak to someone less experienced but who will be more attentive, because it has the interest to build a clientele. Also, inquire about the services offered.

Questions to ask

Can the agent present market analysis to justify the asking price for the house? What marketing strategies does it intend to use? Advertising in daily newspapers, the Internet, leaflets, free visits, inter-agency service, etc. are all ways to increase the visibility of the property.

Also, pay attention to the agent’s attitude. Does he take the time to explain the choices available to you? How does he ensure the follow-up of his customers? The agent needs to be attentive enough to understand your needs. He must also be able to represent you to potential customers.

Also, check if he holds a valid certificate of practice from the Association of Real Estate Brokers. Otherwise, he is not allowed to carry out his activities. Doing business with such an agent would deprive you of the protection mechanisms provided by law. Also, find out from the options if the officer has already been the subject of complaints or disciplinary sanctions.


Traditional brokers charge 4-7% to sell your home based on the services offered. Contrary to popular belief, the commission is negotiable. Most agents are even willing to negotiate the commission during the term of office.

For example, if you receive an offer to buy at a lower price than expected, you could ask your agent to lower his pay. If the buyer makes a promise to purchase with his own agent, yours will have to share his commission. Generally, it’s half-half, but some give less, which can hurt the sale. You could claim that your agent shares the kif-kif commission.

That’s it. You have found your real estate agent. You must now negotiate a brokerage contract. There are two types: the exclusive contract, which binds you to an agent for a specified period, and the non-exclusive contract, which allows you to sell your own home or to do business with any other agent of your choice.