The contact lenses make the wearer feel better compared to the eyeglasses from the way the contact lenses help to see. Contact lenses also provide a great look to the people better than the eyeglasses. Eyeglasses act as the fashion statement for some while others enjoy the advantage of not having to wear eyeglasses to see. People can enjoy wearing colored contacts especially red contacts

Benefits of contact lenses: Contact lenses will enable the users to see clearly compared to glasses. The contact lenses also make to look natural without undergoing any laser refractive surgery for the eyes. All eyes may not be suitable for the surgical conditions and the conditions may be reversed as well.

Field of vision: The main advantage of the contact lenses is that they provide a much better field of vision when compared to glasses.  A full field of unobstructed vision will be offered by the contact lenses. The glasses will not provide the peripheral vision properly and only provide obstructed peripheral vision. The persons wearing glasses have to turn their head one side to view the objects. People playing sports and those who are driving can have huge advantages due to the increased field of vision of the contact lenses. The contact lenses can also tolerate violent movements and jarring, In spite of that, the contact lenses will not get dislodged. The wearer will fail to get the same feasibility with the eyeglasses due to the distance between the eyes and the lenses. Natural vision is provided by the contact lenses as it sits right on the eye.  Eyeglasses make the wearer experience distracting reflections sometimes.

Provide comfort: Contact lenses provide comfort to the wearer be it regular contacts or red contacts. The wearer can wear it with ease without the need to push near the nose and the ears. The wearer will hardly feel that they are wearing lenses when they are fitted correctly. People interested in wearing sunglasses can only wear while using contact lenses. The specialty may be limited with eyeglasses as eyeglasses have to be prepared especially with a prescription.

red contacts

Affordable in nature: contacts are affordable in nature and comes with a price that can be afforded by everyone. The cost of purchasing contracts will be cheaper than identifying frames that suits the face and fit the taste of the wearer.

Demerits of contacts: In spite of a wide range of merits there are demerits associated with contacts. People will take time to get adjusted with contact lenses. Even though people can wear contact lenses underwater however they should not open their eyes underwater without wearing swimming goggles. It is better to use disposable lenses in water to avoid getting affected with bacteria. Infections may be caused due to improper cleaning and handling. Contact lenses may not come as an aid while reading for longer durations. They are helpful only while playing sports. People attending functions and parties and wanting to look best can use contacts. Eyeglasses will serve the purpose of long reading and practice. Contacts must be handled with care.

Contacts may not suit everyone. People interested in wearing contact have to contact the eye professional to check whether the contacts suit their eyes. Contact lenses are safe, comfortable and can be handled with ease and proper care must be maintained.