Aiming in a bare arc means aligning the arrow between your eye and the center of the target so that it comes down to a point in the center of the target. Here is the ideal and safest configuration. In fact, for questions of visual comfort and shooting distance, the arrowhead sight is used. The notch comes below the line of sight, you place the notch in the center of your target and you release. In case of combat archery tag this is important.

combat archery tag

Naked archery

All right, now how do you adapt to a change in the distance? At first, you do not touch your placement on the face, it should ideally be identical regardless of the distance, and you do not cross-target either, except in exceptional cases very large distance, wind.

You play on the rope grip height: its barbowtage. If your arrows are too low, you raise your fingers on the rope, if they are too high, you lower them. If you go up, you can go so far as to take your rope as in the classic, index finger above the arrow, middle finger and ring finger below. If you go down, try not to go beyond the equivalent of the width of your three fingers below the offset (8-10cm), the question of arc mechanics.

If bar owner is not enough, then you change your contact to the face. Most often, beyond a certain distance, you are led to take your rope and your contacts as in the classic, ie one finger above and two below the arrow, placing the hand under the chin. But there is no rule, you do as you feel, it is the most important.

On the other hand, if your fingers are already low on the rope and you are still too high, or if you are too low and your placements are those of a classic shooting, you need to cross-aim: too high, you aim lower than the center of your target, too low, you aim higher.

The most demanding and pleasant instinctive shot

The instinctive archery technique is both a pleasure to practice and extremely demanding technically. Pleasant because it is a return to the source of archery, does not require adjustment of equipment, change of rope grip, aiming no headache in short. It is demanding because you have to repeat the gestures indefinitely so that your body registers them and this, at each distance which implies a change of position.

Instinctive shot

Change position: why? It is to reach the center of the target. From 10 to 15m, your position is the same, see up to 20 or 25m if you shoot a big power. Your position is appreciably that of a naked bow shooter, the placements close to the face. Then, as the distance increases, you do not play on your grip or your contacts, but on the position of your bust. You tilt it more or less to change the starting angle of your arrow and reach the target over a greater distance. Your face contacts should be as natural as possible and depend only on you. But we recommend you to place the tip of the index or ring finger at the corner of the lips. Amateur or professional, the archer must know the discipline he exercises. Very simple concepts such as practice in a regulatory framework and the correct use of the bow are to be taken into account.