There are so many countries around the world where buffalo is legal. they make to legal because of some reason as buffalo is one of the sacred animals. some of the hunters hunted them for enjoying and add a trophy to their collection. while others hunt for the tender meat buffalo provides. There is a great value of Cape buffalo Hunting in  Africa. These are some countries that allow buffalo hunting including Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia the biggest game hunting takes place in Africa including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Buffalo hunting in Europe

Around 1200 years back European buffaloes appear to have roamed from France in the west to deep into Russia. they hunted in Europe earliest humans yet their time then came to a rapid end as the population increases rise of farming decimated the buffaloes .some of the European countries like France allowed buffalo hunting the hunting domain is situated in the south of France where the landscape is hilly and largest forestay over there.

Buffalo hunting in America

Cape buffalo Hunting

Buffalo hunting is allowed in both north and south America as American buffalo is the largest mammal in both north and south America. More than 30 million American buffalo resided during the 1500s, by the 1800s the buffalo population tumbled to merely 100 and now they are nearly 2000000 in population. America allowed buffalo hunting after 2005.some of hunters hunt for enjoying but the large reason for hunting is to control their population over there because large no. of buffaloes may affect the farming land and they hurt peoples. some hunters hunt buffaloes for their meat. buffalo provides a large amount of meat 600 pounds approx.

Buffalo hunting in Australia

Hunting in Australia is having fun in itself. they specialize in hunting include water buffalo, wild OX (scrub bull) and occasionally wild boar. The best season for hunting in Australia is to go between June to September .this season is dry,  so it can be a real advantage. Australian people also love to eat buffalo meat. A survey of recreational hunters clarified the particular methods of hunting in Australia. rifle 92.3% bow 16.4% , shotgun 56%.

Hunting in Asia

The Asian water buffalo is a very powerful, massive and impressive animal with having wide or curling horns. they used to eat grass and leafy aquatic vegetarian. they feed in the morning and evening and lying up in dense cover during mid-day. The wild Asian water buffalo still living in the wild in limited numbers in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Thailand. The Asian buffalo is looking very similar to the African cape buffalo. The hunters in Asia love to hunts the Asian buffalo for fun as well as for meat.

Hunting in Africa

African hunting safaris in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. a number of trophies are determined by the hunter in an African safari hunt. Africa is the largest place to hunt cape buffalo. In Africa, hunting is their old tradition. most hunting in Africa is conducted safari style. Cape buffaloes are usually the best options for the hunter as they are having huge fun with tasty meat. African hunting safari is a huge topic in itself to discuss as the peoples in around the world experience best in African