Mature people should think carefully about this phenomenon. Any global change in the history of mankind has caused in youthful dissatisfaction, which penetrates into the lives of adults, makes the corresponding changes. It is possible that an interest in the yoga of young people will be able to change the whole society. With the yoga teacher training in rishikesh you can have the best time.

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Usually, among older people, there is an opinion that young people have too much freedom and that they spend their time on useless things. Young people show an increased interest in music, incomprehensible or even disgusting for the older generation. They wear unusual clothes, surprising adults. They use drugs that the older generation does not recognize. The fact that adults consume a huge amount of alcohol is safely silent. Not taking into account all the criticism of young people, it is safe to say that modern young people are focused on the search for truth more than ever. They, like no other generation, dared to drop all taboos, traditions, restrictions and hypocrisy on a scale that has no precedent. Circumstances prevailing in the world made this possible. Modern technology and education have given young people more opportunities and a chance to do what they want. The fact that young people can experiment with many things not previously available makes a positive contribution to the evolution of mankind. Adults should observe and learn from modern youth in this regard.

Increasing Popularity among Youth

It was in search of the truth that young people began to come to yoga. They found that yoga does not force them to accept dogma and stereotypes. It simply provides technology and shows how to discover the truth within itself. Yoga grants a way of life that crosses national borders, something that people of the past and a huge number of contemporaries cannot even imagine. If I am Indian, then I should love my country more than others. If I am English, then England is the greatest country in the world. When people think in this way, their common sense is turned off. But the modern young man in this regard has wisdom; he knows that this is not so and that it is just blind dogma and the result of useless wars of past eras. Yoga blossoms again after millennia of oblivion, because the wisdom of youth requires its return. If yoga promoted dogmas, falsehoods or slogans against their own kind, young people would never practice it. If yoga claimed: This is the only way of life, and all other systems are absolutely unsuitable, this would not attract young people to study it.

The Ongoing Popularity

Today, more clearly than ever in history, there is a turning point in the minds of people. Not many people are confident in their position in space and time, in the world, in the country, at work and in their homes. In such a situation are both young and old. There are a great many conflicting ideas and opportunities that are open to most people, there are so many directions for an individual activity that people get lost in this variety, not knowing which way to choose. It was much easier in ancient times when each person followed in the footsteps of his parents and knew in advance what he would do not only tomorrow but also over the next twenty years.