The real estate market is highly competitive, and this is nothing new, do you agree? This is a fact that highlights the need to join good sales strategies for real estate brokers and ensure a good position among competitors. In century21 you can have the best details and platforms.


Skills of argumentation, presence in the digital environment and expansion of service channels are just a few aspects that need to be worked out if the professional real estate brokerage intends to obtain excellent sales indices and stand out in that market. So we’ve separated some of the best sales strategies for Realtors you need to check out. Continue reading the article to learn more.

  1. Know your real estate

It may seem a bit obvious to start the list of tips talking about knowing the real estate, is not it? However, most real estate brokers in exactly at that point. As a professional of the segment, it is imperative that you know your product deeply. Some of the aspects that should be known, for example, are:

  • When and how the property was built;
  • Which service providers (internet, telephony, TV, etc.) are installed in the building;
  • What is the possibility of modifying the property;
  • If the central heater exists;
  • If the neighbourhood is at risk of flooding in times of rain.

Many brokers, by not knowing their real estate, end up responding positively to all the questions of their clients, to not miss the opportunity, which is a big mistake and can cause serious complications in the future. By demonstrating knowledge, the customer will feel credibility in you. Credibility added to your experience will convey trust. And it’s the confidence that will make your sales close.

  1. Invest in your communication skills

Professionals who deal with direct and daily contact with clients, such as realtors and salespeople, need to be highly skilled in the ability to communicate, argue and, of course, persuade. The speech needs to convey confidence to the potential buyer; also, it is important to know how to identify your profile to suit a tone that communicates in the best possible way. Otherwise, it may lose interest and block all your arguments. What we mean is the better your communication skills, the greater your chances of realising sales. Therefore:

  • Invest in your knowledge about the real estate market;
  • Take courses for realtors and sales training ;
  • Record your speeches to assess your tone of voice and diction during an approach.

Among other characteristics that can influence a negotiation.

  1. Use technology always to be available

Considering that we live in a digital age, one of the best sales strategies for Realtors is undoubtedly to expand their service channels so that it is possible to remain available full time to their customers.

If you intend to be a fully professional, consider not only having a phone number for your customers to find, but also being present on social networks, using messaging applications such as WhatsApp, and finally offering a variety of channels for communication.

After all, it is very common that during a real estate transaction, the buyer has doubts and feels the need to heal them at sporadic times of the day. It is also very likely that he wants to visit the property or show it to other family members.