More than 15 years ago, the countries freed up electricity producers to compete on price. However, surprisingly few consumers grasp the opportunity to save on their electricity bills. Only half of those who decide on home electrical issues have ever switched to a power company. According to expert an energy agency analyst competing for electricity would save the customer 50-100$ a year, depending on their consumption. The electricity agency price service maintained by the Energy Agency is an easy tool for comparing the price of electricity. You can Read More and can come up with the best results.

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This is how you compete on the price of electricity

The old electricity bill contains the information needed for tendering.

  • Take out your old electricity bill and get as much information as possible on your own consumption to compete.
  • Go online to and start the price comparison
  • Enter the information in the form.
  • Enter the postal code for the application

Select your own transfer company based on your zip code, you will be offered transfer companies in your area. You cannot compete on the price of the electricity transmission. The electricity transmission is always the responsibility of the local electricity company. The sharp rise in transfer prices in early 2019 caused a stir. In the future, we want to better control the reasonableness of transfer prices. Select the transfer tariff for your transfer company. The type of tariff can be found on your electricity bill.

Electricity transmission tariffs:

  • Public electricity: the price is the same at all times of the day and season
  • Time electricity daytime (7am – 10pm) more expensive than night (22am – 7pm)
  • Seasonal electricity: the price is on winter days from November 1st to March 31st. 7am to 10pm more expensive than other times
  • Select the measurement method. The general mode of metering is generally 1-time metering, 2-time metering and seasonal metering.
  • Enter the annual electricity consumption in kilowatt hours. The estimate can be found in your electricity bill.
  • Select the Agreement Type you want
  • Based on the information you enter, the service organizes the electricity companies in order of price.

See the comparison results.

You can further refine the comparison based on the amperage of the main fuse, the purpose of the electricity, and the origin of the electricity. Contact the electricity company of your choice and enter into a contract. Your new electricity company will take care of the termination of your old contract.

The prices are updated in real time. The service is basically based on regular prices. In the spring, the prices of the cheapest products were below the Wholesale Prices of Electricity. It is reasonable to assume that their prices will rise in the near future. So when a seller announces a price increase, you might want to check the Price Comparison to see if your own contract price is no longer the cheapest. In the event of an abnormal price increase, the consumer authorities may be asked to comment on whether the increase was in accordance with the terms of the contract.