Nowadays, we believe that it is inconceivable to work in a cubicle, with the same schedule, the same colleagues and the same tasks day after day. We want to dream, innovate, achieve and have a stimulating life both in our free time and in our professional life. Life is too short to do otherwise. With coworking à saint omer this is the best option that you will have now.

coworking à saint omer

Coworking, for whom?

Coworking particularly reaches self-employed, start-up entrepreneurs (alone or in teams) as well as employees who work in telecommuting. Although coworking targets all categories of trades, it is most often people from the field of web, communication, architecture, marketing and journalism that use it.

What are the advantages of coworking?

The benefits of coworking are numerous. They allow, among other things, to feel at home, without the pile of dirty laundry, reduce the expenses related to starting a business, have more flexibility, break the loneliness and build a network of contacts in addition to having a more professional appearance.

How does it work a coworking space?

Each coworking space promotes collaboration and exchange of ideas, but has its own identity and its own functioning. That it is by its image, its atmosphere, its legal form, its model of business, its culture, its location, the energy that it releases, etc. There are, for example, spaces that occupy an entire building and others that are housed in buildings and that provide access to several services. There are also some who will join only self-employed workers and entrepreneurs and others, companies (closed offices).

Prices are tailored to the needs of the target audience and depend on the duration of the subscription and the packages selected. Several subscription options are also possible to work in a coworking space: access to the day, week, month or year. The internet connection is of course provided in the subscription with Wi-Fi access.

They are called ‘shared offices’, ‘shared work spaces’, ‘coworking spaces’ or ‘worker communities’. These spaces, which have been popping up everywhere in France for more than 10 years, have as a common point to provide, in the form of services, equipped workstations intended to bring together self- employed workers or very small businesses (often start-ups). -ups) in the same place.

Panoramic view of the open-space

Beyond a simple pooling of resources (premises, furniture, internet, miscellaneous expenses), this grouping allows these freelancers to break the isolation of homework and to meet other professionals to share other points of interest. view and exchange ideas, practices and skills. In certain areas, activities such as conferences, debates, training sessions, theme nights that reinforce the bonds between coworkers and promote fidelity to the venue are proposed.

Two major trends in coworking practices can now be distinguished:

The self-employed worker who needs flexibility will settle down according to availability and according to his movements thus favoring a nomadic coworking offer. To meet this need, our coworking space the 4th at Rennes Gare allows you to do coworking nomad at advantageous prices. Find all our prices here.

The worker wishing to stabilize his activity and leave his home will opt more for a residential coworking offer to leave his equipment and promoting the creation of a professional network. That’s why at The 4th, we put in place our resident coworking offer that will allow you to separate your professional life from your private life. More details our services here.