Mobile phones change in annual cycles and bring design news and features that try to change or improve the way we entertain and work. 2018 was the year of the notch screens, called notch, with the mission of making the most of the front. It was the end of the edges. Now we are nearing the end of notch, which shows how fast the rise and fall of mobile trends are By 2019, devices that are expected to gain features that make cameras smarter and better, even wider screens, and functions to strip you of applications. Here are the top trends for smartphones in 2019. The use of the mobile galaxy rose happens to be there also.

The beginning of 5G

galaxy rose

Qualcomm’s newest chip, called the Snapdragon 855, comes with an integrated 5G modem. Historically, hardware manufacturers have embraced the company’s newest model in their high-end smartphones.

  • Presented at the Mobile World Congress, the European Union’s most important mobile event, Samsung Galaxy S, Xperia XZ and LG G line gadgets often bring the best processors on the market – almost always from Qualcomm. “We expect sales of 5G smartphones to reach 65 million units by 2020,” said Roberta Cozza, research director at consultancy Gartner.
  • Apart from Qualcomm, MediaTek, which offers chips for more affordable price ranges, is also tasked with bringing the 5G connection to smartphones by 2019, as well as artificial intelligence capabilities for cameras.
  • That, coupled with the fact that operators around the world are concentrating efforts to make 5G service a reality, 2019 will be the year when we will see the first handsets supporting this new connection coming to the global market. Still, compatible internet services should only reach Brazil by 2020.

The change in the age profile of users may be related to their interest in mobile phone exchange. Considered economically active, consumers over the age of 18 had a total growth of 2.5 percentage points over the past year, representing 67% of smartphone owners.

Already the youngest portion of the population fell by 2.6 percentage points compared to 2015. The study also revealed that of the total smartphone users who intended to switch phones this year, more than half intend to do so still in the first semester.

The most basic phones, called feature phones, have their audience concentrated at the ends of the age pyramid. This category of handsets, whose main functions are sending SMS and calls, has a different user profile, made up of younger people, aged 7 to 11 years, and consumers over 40 years. In this case, the intention to change handsets in less than one year is 18.7%.

The Use of the Smartphones

Smartphone or non-smartphone, the attributes sought by users in both categories is the same. First, there is a consideration for the brand. Second, there is a search for a user-friendly interface that provides a simple and practical user experience. The price comes only in third place, which indicates that mobile phone owners are willing to spend more for quality products.

Last Words

Following this trend, major manufacturers have already started the year with the launch of their new intermediate phones, the most sought after. LG has bet on the renovation of the K series, with models that cost between $ 699 and $ 1,499. Meanwhile, Samsung has brought the line 2017, with higher prices, starting at $ 2,000. Also popular, Lenovo / Motorola’s Moto G may have its fifth-generation announced during MWC 2017, the handset fair that will take place on the 27th.