A subscriber identity module is the expansion of a sim card. Sim cards help to store the subscriber’s information. Sim card is secured by international mobile subscriber identity. Each sim card had its unique identity coed number. Every number differs from other numbers. Sim card is inset in mobile phones. Without a sim card, the mobile phone is not valid in the modern world. Because people like to get offers from sim card companies. People need an internet connection with low last. Sim card companies provide their best to satisfy people. With the help of the internet we can get everything in their fingerprint. phplx is an organization that arranges a meeting to develop awareness about the technology. A mobile phone is a very essential thing for people. A mobile phone cannot work without a sim card so every people need a sim card for their life. Sim card brings a tower from their network. Sim card was easily available in the market. We can get a sim card in common computer centers also. In India there are different sim card companies available. These companies provide offers to their customers. Some of the sim card companies are airtel, idea, reliance jio, and BSNL. Many countries like India’s government rum their sim card business.



Php lx is an organization conduct a monthly meeting related to customers’ ideas. There we can get different ideas about their business or other information. Php lx develops a blog page to provide ideas and clarify their doubts. In that meeting different field people participate. So people get different ideas related to their business and also collect any information about the marketing world. There are three types of sim cards is available in the market. That is a regular sim card or standard sim card, micro sim card, and Nano sim card. These are the three types of sim card. Now we saw these three sim cars. The first one is a regular sim card this sim card is the first sim card to discover for mobile usage. In the modern world, this sim card is only used in the old model mobile phone. But from the beginning, this type of sim card is very popular and gets a good review of their work. This sim card is somewhat large so people face difficulty using the sim card.

The second sim card type is a micro sim card. The Micro sim card is used in the modern world. This sim card is made by the usage of smartphones. A micro sim card is very easy to insert the mobile phone. Most of the people like micro sim card for mobile phone usage. There is not that much different to compare regular or standard sim card. The difference is to cut the extra plastic peace from the regular sim card. That became a micro sim card. This is the common difference between the regular or standard sim card and micro sim card. The third type is the Nano sim card, Nano sim card is not available in markets. This is a newly introduces product. According to the research Nano sim card is more comfortable to compare the other two types of sim cards. People easily manage a new modern sim card.