As we can recall the streaming media was started in the nineties, but they were at the primitive stage as for the speed is concerned. Thus, watching movies online was not fun due to discontinuous effect or buffering for a long time. But with the advancement of high-class technology, now a day, it has become possible to watch movies of self-taste and choice without any interruption. Today many websites are providing amazing online services and people all over the world are enjoying watching movies online at their taste and leisure. Most important is that they don’t have to download the files, and in many sites, such as Cliver tv they don’t have to pay anything extra for movies but normal internet charges.

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Streaming Procedure

In the past era, if one chooses to watch a movie, one has to go to the theatre at the stipulated time, buy a ticket and only then one could enjoy the movie. The main issue was limited choice and dependability on others. Another method was to buy CDs or DVDs and need to play it on suitable gazette. In second method liberty of time, place and convenience were clearer advantages over first. The basic logic of online streaming is that when someone is saying something then the sound waves travel towards you which contain the contents what that person is saying. Your ear receives that information and then your mind decodes it, and thus you become able to understand the message. The same concept is used in online streaming of movies and all other similar stuff. Cable signals, satellite signals, and radio waves travel towards the devices which receive them and decode them to display the same thing on the screen of your device. In online programmes stream of signals or data travel towards the receiver from a server and web browser plays the role of the decoder of the information and thus we become able to see the exact display as it is delivered. It is the combined work of decoder and server which enables us to watch the online movies. Technically it may be difficult to understand the whole process but the ultimate effect is the same as if you are watching the things live. In theatres, the same effect is being established by electric and sound signals. With more and more use of the internet for commercial as well as entertainment purpose now a day’s people are well aware of it and are frequently watching recently released ultra new movies online. In fact, it may be called an actual revolution in the field of movie watching because one can watch a particular movie of one’s choice from any part of the world. The wait for their favorite movie has come to an end and people may just sit at their leisure and watch their favorite movies as and when they wish. Now they don’t have to manage things according to show time of theatres. If one chooses to watch a movie online he doesn’t have to spend much money on buying tickets, CDs or DVDs.